Two Restaurants Rebuilding In Luzerne County

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP --Two restaurants are making comebacks in Luzerne County.

Workers are putting the finishing touches to the former Stage Coach Inn near Hazleton.

Co-owner Drew Wandishin said he's proud of the changes, including the eatery's  new name: Theodora's Restaurant.

"I always wanted to have it in the honor of my mother Theodora who died when I was very young to cancer and it's been an honor to do something like this."

The new owners have high hopes for Theodora's. They plan to open at the end of April.

"I want to go back to the old traditional restaurant where you go and have a good time and everybody is having a good time and the food matches the atmosphere," Wandishin explained.

Just down Route 309 an excavator demolishes the Bell House Cafe. Three months ago the business was wrecked by fire. The owner plans to rebuild but wants the foundation saved.

Excavator operator Phil Yanchick said that poses some challenges.

"We have to be a little more careful and watch what stress we're putting on the building itself. We have to watch different areas where we can pull and other areas where we have to finesse on the demolition."

Seeing the demolition is emotionally tough for owner Tom Bell, but knowing he'll rebuild makes him happy.

"I loved the Bell House Cafe. A lot of people retire to something. I retired and then opened this up because food is what I love," Bell explained.

Bell said it's been a long road to get to this point, he hopes to begin re-building in the spring.