Stabbing at an Apartment Complex

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WILKES-BARRE -- A troubled housing complex in Wilkes-Barre is making headlines again.

Police told us they were called to Sherman Hills apartments just after 7 p.m. Sunday.

When officers arrived, they found the victim with a stab wound to his leg.

The man said his girlfriend stabbed him after the pair had an argument. Then, she took off.

Authorities say the victim's injuries are not life-threatening after the stabbing in Wilkes-Barre.


  • redrose

    As someone who knows this story i know that he went for her son and was threatening him after hitting her and she was able to get away. She acted out of pure motherly instinct. Any mother would do what she had to to her child regardless of race. If any mother says she wouldn’t do the same to protect hers is a liar or just should not have children!

  • Tt

    Wow! I know better!! Glad you know so much!! Glad I’m just a dumb white person who doesn’t know the story! You stupid fool!!

      • Tt

        You are not as smart as you think you are. I know this story, and the people involved on a personal level. You honestly need to get your facts straight before running your mouth! Keep talking and looking like an idiot. God!! I hate people like you! Know-it-alls! Why not try using your actual name? Or are you scared someone might see you in public and call you out on all your lies?

        And I know my place and it’s to protect the people I know! And to stand up for them. The woman involved is extremely intelligent and would do anything to protect her child!

      • Iknowbetter

        I also know both parties involved & I also know the ONLY other adult who was in the house at the time of the incident aside from the two involved. That may very well be her cover story but it’s far from the truth.

  • Iknowbetter

    argument. He did NOT attack her son. They were having an argument & she could’t get her point across VERBALLY (lack of intelligence)so she lost control & stabbed him IN FRONT OF HER SON. Says alot about her as a mother & a human being. Yes he was black. Yes she was white. Yes they were both residents of Sherman Hills.

    • Tt

      So if you know them both so well then why do you have your story wrong???

      You are probably a relative of the liar, the so called man. And you just know his side. I know the past between them very well. I know the lies he is capable of fabricating also. Good try tho.

  • Tt

    She was white he was black! He went after her son then attacked her so she used self defense to protect her and her son!! Both are residents of Sherman hills.

  • Bill

    Issue them all knives and guns then put a fence around them. Let them solve their problems. Most likely blame George Zimmerman.

  • skay anthemaybees

    the thugs in sherman hills need to get organized,that place could be wonderfull and safe with the right people and security,i gotta a feeling two rival gangs are trying to lay claim to that piece of turf

  • angie

    They need to bulldoze this place. Whether this latest incident involved residents or non-residents doesn’t matter. Still occurred in a place that is apparently a magnet for trouble. Get rid of it already!

  • wendy

    janice….she may have stabbed him but didnt kill him…. we white people just like to get r point acrossed.. un like…wont mention any races

    • craig hays

      Your “kind” likes to go further an shoot up schools with kids or better yet movie theatre with families in it dont go making this a race thing your pathetic because your kind is just as as bad as ours we just get caught

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