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Weatherly Electric Bill Payers Seek Answers

WEATHERLY — A big crowd came out in part of Carbon County to get answers as to why their electric bills were higher than usual.

Folks who live in Weatherly and pay the borough’s utility for electricity say their bills skyrocketed in recent months.

Borough leaders held a meeting in the high school gym to try and answer questions about the pricy bills.

One borough council member points to a rise in transport fees for the electricity for the jump in price.

Still, one woman says she still doesn’t feel like she has all the answers she needs.

“I keep my heat at 60 degrees, I don’t raise it because I’m a single mom and oil prices are atrocious. It doubled in the amount and there’s no reason it should double,” said Suzanne Lovett of Weatherly.

Weatherly Borough council will hold its meeting Monday in the borough building and borough leaders expect the issue to come up again.


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