Weatherly Electric Bill Payers Seek Answers

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WEATHERLY -- A big crowd came out in part of Carbon County to get answers as to why their electric bills were higher than usual.

Folks who live in Weatherly and pay the borough's utility for electricity say their bills skyrocketed in recent months.

Borough leaders held a meeting in the high school gym to try and answer questions about the pricy bills.

One borough council member points to a rise in transport fees for the electricity for the jump in price.

Still, one woman says she still doesn't feel like she has all the answers she needs.

"I keep my heat at 60 degrees, I don't raise it because I'm a single mom and oil prices are atrocious. It doubled in the amount and there's no reason it should double," said Suzanne Lovett of Weatherly.

Weatherly Borough council will hold its meeting Monday in the borough building and borough leaders expect the issue to come up again.


  • Mike

    PPL is a group of soulless crooks. They’d be screwed if people realized that electricity is actually free.

  • Bill Creasy

    Tell me how I live in dallas pa and my house is tiny and I have only one electric heater on in my house and my bill went from 150 a month to 318 a month . I call the electric company and they tell me it when up because it’s colder out …. please … the rich of this country is robbing the poor blind !!!!

  • Dirt Dogg

    The same crooks that own the main lines, own shell companies that own the feeder lines. So each one blames the other even though it’s the same crooks. It’s also how they swindle paying the leasers of fracking land what they owe them by over charging feeder costs to the main lines.

  • Sean Christian Homes

    Oil, gas, electricity. These companies are nothing but pigs. These are needs for basic survival in this country and we’re being taken advantage of. The gov’t needs to step in and always make sure these items fall in line with the average wage and the ability of people to afford them. There’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to enjoy 70 degree heat or to put on some lightbulbs at an affordable and fair rate.

    People made a huge issue with George Bush when gas was elevated and now under Obama, they say nothing. You know who you are. You sat there complaining calling Bush an oil man. How’s Obama doing tackling these issues? He’s on vacation with his wife spending millions of tax dollars. Keep rooting on Michelle Obama, as she idles her time away with the most simplistic First Lady task there is, diet and fitness. The White House staff gave her an easy one and manage the entire thing.
    While I’m at it, another great move by democrats bringing casinos into the area. You have rip-off, fined companies like Mohegan Sun enjoying a monopoly and raking all the people in the area. Where is Paul Kanjorski when you need him? He’d be right there grabbing cash to give to his family like he did before. I’m sure there are others in place doing it for him. You put all of these people in office and you end up sitting by a candle freezing as they send some goofs to explain transmittal fees.

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