Upcoming Hobby Moves into Luzerne County

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- A new facility held a grand opening for their business in Luzerne County.

Mann Lake is one of the largest beekeeping companies in the country and on Saturday, they opened a new home in the Hanover Industrial Park in Wilkes-Barre.

This new location will be the shipping point for equipment and bees for the entire east coast and Europe.

The manager at Mann Lake says hundreds of thousands of people in Pennsylvania are picking up beekeeping as a hobby and it continues to grow.

"We've had people come and say 'I'm the only beekeeper in the area' and after that happens I have 10 more come in and say the same thing. They all end up being within two miles of each other, so it's amazing," said manager Frank Licata.

The manager of the facility says the most frequently asked questions among beekeepers is "do you get stung."

He says the answer... is yes.