Scranton Celebrates St. Pat with Shamrocks, Music, and Hugs

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SCRANTON --  After a long hard winter folks in Scranton were ready for sunshine and celebration.

Tens of thousands headed downtown to take in the city's legendary St. Patrick's Parade.

There were the usual dignitaries, politicians, and bagpipes, but the parade has a quirkier side. There was a group of donkeys and ponies, and a float featuring a giant potato and kids dressed as spuds.

In the hours before the parade, the skies were cold and cloudy, but as the first band made it's way past the Mall at Steamtown, the sun began to shine down, lighting up the show.

Sue Ubertini of South Caanan says "I am appreciating any little ray of sunshine that comes through."

The parade draws fans from nearby counties and states.

"A lot of bands, a lot of Irish bands and a lot of candy," says Devin Vazquez of New Jersey.

"All the floats, and the music, my kids love it, it's a good time," says Dawn Schiavone of Pocono Lake.

Maybe Scranton blooming with shamrocks will get mother nature to take the hint?

"Does the parade make you feel like spring is coming? Yes it does, yes it does, smiled Schiavone."