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Police: Man Arrested for Shooting in Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- One man is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds and another man is in jail for the crime.

Officials have not released the name of the victim, but said he was flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital for treatment.

His condition is unknown.

Police said they responded to reports of gun shots on Grant Street in Hazleton around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

When authorities arrived at the scene they found Hector Alvarez, 25, of Hazleton, in the attic of the home.

They also recovered a gun from the scene.

Police said Alvarez was taken into custody and faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault.

Officials say he also admitted to the crime.

He was arraigned and is being held on $500,000 dollars bail at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility.


  • alee cee

    It’s not just Hispanics doing the crime, Hispanic can be from any latino background, lets get real it’s actually the Dominicans.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Real Talk…………..
    Read Patriot 76 post. I could not have said it any better myself….Real Talk your comments are foolish, and Patriot 76 comments are right on point…

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Look people another outstanding citizen of the Latino community Hector Alvarez, 25…Is it just me or does it seem that every crime in Hazleton is perpetrated by a Latino these days? this segment of the population is dragging Hazleton right down the toilet and the whole area in general………Hazleton should be renamed Little Newark……Their was a time up until the early 90’s that crime wasn’t a problem in Hazleton wonder what changed????? Oh right the Latino’s came here in hordes, and look what we have now nuff said…

  • Real Talk

    Those that are against immigrants I’m guessing that you are native americans , otherwise you Are Immigrants Too !!!! Bunch of idiots, it has nothing to do with race, it’s the way that these kids are brought up, the social media is bombarded with violence, and they don’t have the proper guidance at home cause parents are working 2 jobs to support the house. I lived in Hazleton all my life and there is a lot of drama that was never published before, cause the social media and social networks weren’t so advanced, and it wasn’t no Spanish causing the drama, it was us the Caucasians. So, before you talk, make sure that your tongue is connected to your brain !!

    • gloria

      Im a dominican born and raised in the US my mom is cuban and father is dominican. I am a Registered Nurse and a productive member of the community its not about race and those who think it is are just ignorant.

  • Ronald Clews

    Hazleton was 5% hispanic back in 2003 and it was a great place.As of 2013 it was 35% hispanic and now it is on the news every single day.Remember this come election time because this is Obama and his Democrats protecting the illegalls.If Mitt Romney were elected these illegalls would be being deported like they should be.Barrack Obama has turned Hazleton into Mexico.

    • Jim Brony

      I like the illegal out in Colorado. He was rescued from his vehicle when he drove it into a washed-out section of road. Because it took sooooo long for him to be rescued, he is suing the dive team that saved him – he needs money to pay his medical bills. Tell me how on earth can an illegal even have the right to sue in the US – unbelievable.

      • ME

        We are a sovereign nation now and our ancestors came here illegally because this country extended the invitation. They didn’t come here illegally and take advantage of this country and cause trouble, so shut up!

  • Patriot 76

    Mr. Sean,
    The difference is people who emigrated here two or three generations ago did not receive a grab bag of tax payer money that seems to go on forever, SNAP, free medical care, etc..

    Also those people, my grand parents assimilated, learned English and became Americans. They didnt try to bring the culture that they were trying to escape with them.

    Also they weren’t 40% of the prison population (Another taxpayer gift) Actually in CA I heard its closer to 50.

    It doesn’t apply to all immigrants, but there was is no comparison today to what went on 100 years ago.

    • Mr sean chrsitan home

      Patriot 76.

      The problem with some of this comments is even knowing this things dont apply to the whole race if you may feel like calling it that, is how some peoe put everyone in the same group. They didnt say a person in specific but instead blamed a whole ethnic group for the violence thats going on this area. Unlike 100 years ago our media and social networks werent as powerful as they are today. Tell me how come when a white person does something in hazleton or any of this areas it doesnt get much talk? But when a hispanic/latino does something it gets printed on the first page and gets all this talk. Like i mentioned before they are not blaming one person but the whole group. You have any idea how it feels when people assume by a person just been from a group that its going to act rhe same way as every other person commiting a crime is? Should I feel ok whenever someone points at my friends and assume becouse theu are hispanic they are criminals?

      The difference between now and then is today everyone can read the news on fb, phones, tablets anywhere. Compared to back them when the only news media was the newspaper or tv. Im prerty sure if i go to the library ill find plenty of white folks who commited crimes in hazleton. Oh wait i guess they got put in a differnt group of whites “white trash”? So that makes hazleton crime free before latinos or any other group came here?

    • DuEast

      You mean like slavery, child-rape, inbreeding, wife-abuse, in addition to rampant adultery by “good-white-Christian-slave-owning-Indian-killing-racist-sexist men?”

  • TeamSheik

    Well, there’s a big surprise!!! Good ole’ Hector I’m sure was born and raised in Hazleton. Wonder if he spoke a dime of English??

  • Mr sean chrsitan home

    Sean christian home, I’m glad to find out people like you are against other people immigrating to this country. Does this means that you and your whole family are leaving? According to history everyone in this country at some point has been an immigrant. Unless you are a native american which i dount you are. With that been said I’m going to end this with saying violence has nothing to do with been an immigrant, unless you can prove me white people are crime free stop throwing rocks …

  • Dirt Dogg

    Silly Hector! Everyone knows if you hide in the attic, you have to close your eyes too or you’ll be caught.

      • Be united all go

        Here we go, if your family can’t afford it doesn’t mean our family can’t … Most of the people that post their ignorant comment are the ones that didn’t even bother to finish their education because a well educated individual would have a more smart comment to do. Not wasting time with people that only mention two things that they only know warefare and foodstamps. Well too bad point out all the good things before the bad ones and I’m pretty sure the balance will go for the good ones . Is not our fault that most of the managers and supervisors in this area are latins now. God bless have a wonderful day and educate yourself before having comments that are ignorants

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