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Pottsville Prepares for Parade Day

POTTSVILLE — For more than 30 years, in just about all kinds of weather, the city of Pottsville has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with an annual parade.

The parade, which is on Saturday, starts on Market Street and moves throughout the city, which is good news for shops in Pottsville.

“All the businesses offer something for the Irish and the people who want to be Irish on St. Patty’s Day,” said Pottsville Mayor Jim Muldowney.

“Especially these last few weeks when we’ve had so much snow and people don’t want to go out. Yeah, we make a lot of money in that one day and it’s profitable, but it makes up for those times where business tends to be on the slower side,” said James Croley, the owner of the Wooden Keg Tavern.

The Wooden Keg Tavern is expecting hundreds of customers, but the owner said he’s prepared

They ordered more than 1,000 gallons of beer.

“It’s the time of year I actually get in that cooler and have to stack everything. There’s actually a science behind how you have to stack everything,” said Croley.

People in Pottsville said the real party is after the parade, when people may be enjoying some adult beverages.

“So plain and simple, as far as I’m concerned, to experience it is the only way to explain it, so you have to come for yourself to see what we’re talking about,” said Brian Grigalonis, who comes all the way from South Carolina for his hometown parade.

The parade kicks off on March 15 at 11 am.

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