FBI: Bank Employees Tied Up During Robbery

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- The FBI now confirms that three bank employees were tied up during Thursday's robbery in Luzerne County.

First National Community Bank in Jenkins Township decided to stay closed until Monday after it was held up late Thursday afternoon.

The FBI tells us that three workers at the FNCB branch along Route 315 near Pittston were tied up during the robbery around 5 p.m. Thursday.

Authorities say there was at least one customer inside and the three employees who were tied up.  All are expected to be OK.

Federal investigators have not yet released any surveillance pictures but authorities tell us they are looking for a gold or silver minivan used in the getaway.

The minivan is likely a late model Plymouth or Dodge with stick figure family stickers in the left rear window.

Federal officials also say the two robbers are believed to be disguising their skin and hair color.

The FBI would not say how much money the robbers got away with.

The robbery has left some people who live and work nearby a bit on edge.

"Stuff like that only happens in movies, I thought. I can't believe it happened here in Pittston. I really don't want to go to the bank today, so I'm going to stay away for a little bit," said Simone Allen of Pittston.

FNCB officials at their administration office in Dunmore would only tell us that their employees followed proper training procedures during the hold up.

So far, there's no good physical description on the two crooks.

The bank branch is expected to reopen on Monday.


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