New Ambulance Headquarters Under Construction

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SCRANTON -- One of Lackawanna County's three big ambulance services is getting a new home.

Keyser Avenue in Scranton and Taylor is in the midst of a multimillion dollar renovation. As you get closer to the Morgan Highway you will see some other changes there too.

The construction is a $2 million project for Community Life Support, a nonprofit ambulance service that serves Lackawanna and Wyoming counties.

"With the expansion and improvement on Keyser Avenue, we felt the location was good because it put us in Scranton where most of our calls are," said Community Life Support CEO Tim Rowland.

Rowland said the organization is spending mostly its own money for the project, but they did receive $350,000 in state casino money.

People from Community Life Support said the new facility will be a step up from what they have now. Right now the ambulances are kept here in a rented garage in Scranton. Administrative offices are near Clarks Summit.

Now they'll be able to have all that under one roof.

Also under the new roof, there will be CPR classrooms. That's another service CLS offers to the public and expects will grow since CPR rules may be changing.

"We were using other fire departments and other locations to do that, by moving everything here it's obviously one central location," Rowland added.

CLS is growing amongst growing competition. It's now one of three ambulance services in Lackawanna County, the first to build its own headquarters.

Community Life Support's biggest client, Allied Services, said even in health care, competition is good.

"Every different program or service we consider, there's always competition. Competition means people are going to rise to their best and provide the greatest quality and efficiency. I'd say ambulance services are no different," said Jim Brogna of Allied Services.

Community Life Support's headquarters on North Keyser Avenue is set to open in May.

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    Four… There are FOUR ALS ambulance services in Lackawanna County. Did they forget Penn or Cottage?

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