Elsie Rita: 100 And Going Strong

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TAMAQUA -- Imagine being 100 years old, and holding down two full-time positions. That takes a very special person.

Elsie Rita works in the cafeteria of Tamaqua Area High School. This is a special day. 100 years ago Elsie was born.   She has worked in the school district for 40 years and has no plans to retire.

"I can't sit still. I always worked. I worked in a factory when I was about 14 and a half years old, from there I went to the atlas and from there I got married," Elsie said.

Elsie has three children.

"On the first of March, he was 74. I have a daughter that's 80 next month, and I have a son in Nevada, he's 83," said Elsie.

The students in the cafeteria sang happy birthday to Elsie, which meant a lot.

"I love you all, God love you and God bless America," Elsie said.

"She loves our district, she loves our kids, our students and that's what drives her daily," said Tamaqua Area High School Principal Steve Toth.

"She's a very good worker, she's very considerate,  and she's very thoughtful as far as the people she works with and the children she serves here at the district," said Elsie's supervisor Kristin Melnick.

Elsie not only works at the Tamaqua Area High School, she volunteers her time every day at a local hospital. You've got to admit she's a very special lady.


  • erica

    WOW! Amazing! We should all feel ashamed that we whine and complain about going to work when you see this AMAZING woman! What a BLESSING!! HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY ELSIE! Congratulations!! You are BEYOND inspiring! May God BLESS YOU richly!! :)

  • Jonathan M.

    Congrats, Elsie!! Never stop working! You’re an inspiration to everyone else out there. Unfortunately, we’re not going to see this kind of enthusiasm out of the kids you service, or any other kids these days.

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