1993: The Blizzard

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Twenty one years ago northeastern and central Pennsylvania was being walloped by a storm that became known as the blizzard of 93.

We open up the video vault for a Mike Stevens piece highlighting some of the positive aspects of all that snow.


  • tom

    Bad grammar and misspelling is so common.It’s sad.I don’t what is being taught in schools.The people doing news jobs have college degrees.Then again,maybe not.Like everything else in America,rush the kids through school-then rush ’em through collge.They often turn out stupid.

  • Linda

    No. Nitpicking would be pointing out that you forgot the space between “that” and “said.” Your use of punctuation is questionable as well. And LOL @ using “LOL @” in a rant about grammar and spelling. (And I’m sure hilight was a mash-up of the actual word highlight and the popular brand of yellow markers, hi-liters. Unfortunate, but common mistake.)
    Oh, and my grammar and spelling are usually just shy of atrocious.

  • Dennis

    Ok, last weekend, I defended WNEP for sloppy spelling and grammar in your online reportage. With thatsaid, in a two sentence piece (above) is it really acceptable to have TWO misspellings? I know to many this is nitpicking, but then again, is poor quality control acceptable?? Really?? Hilighting??? A transposition error I can understand, but that isn’t even close. LOL @ you and the slackers who will be compelled to slam me for this criticism.

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