Well-Known Auctioneer Killed Riding New Motorcycle

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MONTOUR TOWNSHIP -- A motorcyclist and well-known auctioneer who had just bought a Harley Davidson was less than a mile from the dealership in Columbia County when he crashed into a sport utility vehicle and was killed.

Kirk Williams owned and operated Colonel Kirk's Auction Gallery on Route 42 near Millville.  Friends say Williams was an auctioneer for more than 20 years and he also loved motorcycles.  Friends say Williams couldn't wait to bring home his new Harley Davidson but it was less than one mile from the dealership Tuesday when tragedy struck.kirk williams mug

Black cloth drapes across the sign in front of Colonel Kirk's Auction Gallery near Millville.  People who live near the auction business say the cloth was put there just hours after the owner Kirk Williams was killed in a motorcycle crash near Danville.

"Total shock," said his friend Doug Smith. "I read the paper this morning and it was just total shock.  The first thing I saw when I read the headline was 'auctioneer killed' and I just thought it couldn't have been Kirk."

Police say the crash happened Tuesday evening after Williams picked up his brand new Harley Davidson from the dealership on Route 11 near Danville.  Williams was less than one mile from the dealership when an SUV pulled out in front of him and he was killed.

Tom Howard is a friend and former employee of Kirk Williams.  He says Williams recently told him of his plans to get a new motorcycle because he missed riding.

"Like his friend said last night, he was so careful on his motorcycle that when they rode together, he was always lagging behind.  So it wasn't like he was fooling around or anything.  It just it hurts," Howard said.

All of the auctions were cancelled for this week.  Family friends tell us Kirk's son plans to take over the business and start up auctions again as early as next week.

"I know all of his customers are going to miss him because he did so much for everybody," Howard said.

Newswatch 16 met and interviewed Kirk Williams at an auction in 2012.  Friends say he will be remembered for his kindness, generosity and of course, his ability as an auctioneer.

The driver of the SUV is listed in fair condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

A post made on the Colonel Kirk's Auction Gallery Facebook page says the auctions will resume soon because Kirk would have wanted the show to go on.


  • ME

    Very sad. It’s always the other guy you have to watch out for and controlling what they do is impossible.

  • Craig Carpenter

    Despite the report that said the accident happened in Danville…. It happened just west of the Bloomsburg town line. As Frank Reynolds said during the Regan assassination attempt…. “get it right!!”

      • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

        I guess that kind of blows the narrative you were going for, huh harsh times? If only we could force people to do things “for their own good”, maybe moving cars wouldn’t hurt, when they hit people.

    • me

      I take it you don’t ride motorcycles or have any clue what so ever. Weather you are wearing a helmet or not, when striking an object at a speed of 55 MPH (give or take) that helmet will not prevent blunt force trauma to the chest or abdomen from rapid deceleration, causing fatal internal injuries which can be totally non-head trauma related. A helmet will also not prevent a cervical neck fracture which can cause immediate death without any evidence of head trauma. Yes a helmet may help and it does make sence to wear one, but you people that don’t ride, don’t know anything about riding, don’t kno anything about trauma or injury patterns need to cram it with the helmet nonsence! Bikers know the risks and last time I checked this is a free country!

  • ron essler

    this always happens,on the first nice day.People are not watching for motorcycles,they think its winter yet.When you are out driving on a very nice day,before spring just say to your self,its a very nice day i better watch for motorcycles.REST IN PEACE BROTHER,Gargoyle

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