Some Schools in the Poconos Closed Wednesday Due to Safety Concerns
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Two Dogs Found Chained to Railing

EDWARDSVILLE — Two dogs that were found tied up outside a pet store in Luzerne County are now with the SPCA.

The dogs were chained up at Petco in the West Side Shopping Center early Wednesday morning.

Police said they had to use bolt cutters to free the dogs.  The dogs were not wearing tags.

Anyone with information is asked to call Edwardsville Police.


  • Roni

    I can’t believe all these comments of “oh at least they left them where they would be found instead of abusing them, etc.”! As if those are the only choices! Gee, how about being an adult and taking care of, feeding, and grooming your pet?? If you know you have a limited income, do NOT get a dog! They need vet care, shots, heart worm meds, etc. and that’s just the minimum! The ads on Craigslist show the type of person who would do this type of thing…….like one I just saw “need dog gone by tonight! Needs a bigger yard”!……..riiiiight…… never saw your yard before you got the dog?? Scummy, trashy, low class idiots!

  • Linda L

    I am sure they did what they thought was best for there pet’s. At least they left them there so they would be taken care of instead of dumping them in a river or leaving them loose out in a rural area. I’m sure it was hard to leave them.

    • Cathi Pederson

      Granny, all shelters request a donation when an animal is surrendered to help offset the cost of caring for that animal. All shelters ask that you make an appointment to surrender an animal so kennel space is available and medical staff are available to do a health assessment. The SPCA took these animals in from the Edwardsville police and would have taken them in from their owners too.

  • Nancy Gee

    This was so much better than leaving them at home to become more matted than they seem to be and not starving or being abused or being left to roam in the streets where they could be hit by car and starve with no place to eat. The night was the warmest in a long time and they were left at a place where animals lovers go. I know its sad that people think animals are disposable but who knows what was the situation..they knew they couldn’t take care of them, at least they did this. You call all the no kill shelters and they are all filled, I do applaud them for at least trying to save these babies. Was this the best?… obviously no, but could have ended up so much worse.

    • Cathi Pederson

      Nancy, the right thing to do would have been to surrender the dogs to the SPCA and provide a health history, behavioral history, age, are they housebroken, how they are with children, cats, other dogs, things that would make it easier for the staff and volunteers to provide accurate information to potential adopters. They were left without so much as a blanket, a favorite toy or even bowl of water. I see not even one ounce of caring by the person who left them chained there, all I see are cowardice, cruelty and selfishness.

  • kandi madill

    There are to many people that get animals today and can not take care of them. They treat them like they are disposable. That is so sad. Thank god those two little cuties are safe.

  • Brandon

    At least they tied them up outside a pet store on a not so cold night! It’s like dropping a baby off in front of a hospital. They could be abusing them or killing them! Stop being so ignorant people.

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