Scranton Parade Day a Big Day for Business and Giving Back

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SCRANTON -- The owners of The Vault Tap and Kitchen on North Main Avenue in west Scranton got the keys to the former Peters Building, an old bank, about a month ago.

Only four weeks to turn the building into their restaurant, because this Saturday is a day they couldn't miss.

"There's been a lot of sleepless nights, put a lot of work into the place. We put our blood sweat and tears into this place, and we're really looking forward to Saturday," said part-owner Eric Shrive.

Shrive said they've been getting food and beer deliveries daily, all to prepare for Scranton's St. Patrick's Parade on Saturday. Even far off the parade route, it's likely the first day for The Vault will be the busiest all year.

Come Saturday, downtown Scranton will be lined with tens of thousands of people. One organization that's been marching in the parade since the very beginning is hoping to utilize all those people.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians, an Irish cultural association, decked out a trailer that they'll use in the parade to collect food from parade goers.

"We're asking everyone who is coming to the parade to bring one non-perishable food item with them. With the tens of thousands of people who attend the parade it should add up to quite a bit of food," said member Jim Cadden.

The group came up with the plan after hearing that this time of year is often difficult for food pantries, such as the pantry at St. Ann's Basilica in west Scranton.

"With the extra bills, the heating costs and so on and so forth, they seem to need us more than in the summertime," added volunteer Dennis Yanchik.

Pantry volunteers said they hope the St. Patrick's Parade food drive catches on, because every little bit helps.

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  • angie

    The parade is supposed to be a place you can go as a family and enjoy the entertainment. Sadly, more time is spent dodging the drunks wandering from bar to bar. Bars should have to wait until after the parade to begin serving alcohol so people with kids can have a good time as well.

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