Officer Who Shot Suspect Speaks Out

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FRACKVILLE -- For the first time we heard from a police officer in Schuylkill County who investigators believe was just trying to defend himself when he shot an alleged attacker.

On Wednesday, the suspect gave up his right to a hearing where the officer was planning to testify.

Girardville police officer Mel Tameo said he faced a life and death situation in January. Tameo explains that a woman claimed that her boyfriend Carmen Almonti threatened to kill her five children.

"I turned my head to talk to her and that's when he hit me. I thought I was shot, everything turned black. It turned out to be a brick, not a bullet, so I was lucky."

Carmen Almonti was asked if he had anything to say to Officer Tameo.

"No, I'm sorry no." Almonti said.

Investigators say they used a stun gun on Almonti before he was shot, and was unfazed because he was using bath salts and meth.

Officer Tameo said with threats made to the woman, her five children and himself, he had no choice.

"Gave him several chances to get down on the ground, he was about six feet away from me and tried walking around me and tried to grab my gun and lunged toward me a few times, so when he lunged that's when I shot him."

Carmen Almonti's alleged actions have devastated his father Tom.

"I've been locked up before. Who wants to see their kid locked up? I love my kids. I don't want to see them in trouble and he's a good kid. I can't believe this happened."

The real life drama which began in the house in Girardville will end in Schuylkill County court.

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  • lucas almonti

    My brother has never been in trouble for any violence he would never hury those kids he loves them and for him to attack a cop for no reason makes no sence… this whole thing is a bunch of lies he didn’t have a brick the cop would have severe marks…my brother was unarmed and if anyone should be in jail it should be the officer!!

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