Guilty Plea: Woman Admits Luring Man off Craigslist

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- A guilty plea came from a woman in Monroe County on Wednesday.

Emily Woodman admit to helping lure a man to Emerald Lakes housing development near Tobyhanna in 2013 using the website Craigslist. She's charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

Two men then beat and robbed the victim.

In a twist, not long after the robbery one of the robbers turned on the other, killing him for not covering up the crime.


  • cckm

    If you’re looking for trouble on Craig’s list, looks like you will find it. What idiot goes on there to meet someone? Even if it’s a casual liaison? If you’re going to utilize sex for sale, or sell it, well, you reap what you sow. If you are going after a sale item, make every effort not to go alone.

  • angie

    I surely hope the punishment fits the crime. Seems there’s been a rash of these craigs list related crimes lately. Apparently, a message needs to be sent.

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