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Christmas Lights in March on Public Square

WILKES-BARRE — It looks as though the Christmas lights will still be up on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre during this weekend’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

City officials told Newswatch 16 the holiday lights will stay up until they finish a plan to upgrade the lighting.

But the Department of Public Works admitted its crews haven’t gotten to the lights because they’ve been tied up with patching potholes, a new recycling system and of course snow removal.


  • BobK

    The city’s public works director is a lazy sob he subs all the work out to all his buddies ,and all the public works employees do is pick up trash & recyclables and cant even do that!.If you took a look at Kingston D.PW Adam Grober Director maintains his city like a Public works director should.This is why the corruption got so bad in Wilkes barre they all just go to work do nothing and collect a check.I know one of my neighbors gos to work there at 6am and he parks the truck on another st and walks home and blows the hole day off.This is where our tax payers money is going. Plus are roads are the worse then they ever been in the city in 30 plus years .We need Mcgroarty Back!!!!!!

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