Young Women Learn About Career Options

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More than 130 high school students from Central Pennsylvania gathered at Bucknell University in Lewisburg to learn about career opportunities after graduation.

"Talking about your future goals and how you can proceed with them," Christine Craddock said.

The high school girls are from 15 different school districts and took part in the Young Women's Futures Symposium put on by Junior Achievement. The girls went through various sessions throughout the day ranging from social media skills to finances.

"So they understand that what they bring in may not cover all the things they may want someday. So it's a very realistic exercise to get a handle on finances," Pamela Burns said.

Newswatch 16's Nikki Krize had the opportunity to serve as a career mentor to girls who are interested in journalism. About 25 other mentors also discussed their careers with students interested in their fields.

"I was thinking of being either a psychologist or a lawyer so we sat down with two people who are in those career fields," Craddock said.

In addition to speaking to career mentors and learning about what career options are out there, the girls learned how the land that perfect job, what it takes to have a perfect job interview and writing a resume.

"Just real practical things that they would need to know after graduation and a lot of girls aren't really exposed to that," Burns said.

"It will definitely give me ideas of what I want to do and help me through the harder times of what to do," Mikayla Derck said.

Many of the girls who attended the symposium say they look forward to going to college and taking the next step towards landing their dream jobs.