Woman Admits Trying To Burn Down Care Home

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PITTSTON -- A woman in Luzerne County is accused of setting her personal care home on fire. Police say she put dozens of people in danger trying to burn the place.

Pittston police say the accused arsonist underwent a mental evaluation, but was cleared and then immediately arrested for arson and risking a catastrophe.

She admitted the crime to us and went on to explain why she did it and how she knows she faces consequences.

Charlotte Raeggs, 59, left her arraignment after admitting to police, admitting to a judge, then admitting to us she tried to burn down her care home in Pittston.

"Did you set this fire?"

"Yes, I did!" Raeggs said.

Raeggs had a detailed explanation about the fire police say she set inside her room at Pittston Manor on March 1.

Here's why she says she lit the curtains on fire.

"The Pittston Manor residents were mean to me. No one would take a walk with me.  I said 'please, please take a walk with me' because I wasn't allowed to walk alone."

"So because they wouldn't take you for a walk you decided to light it on fire?"

"I thought it was temporary insanity for a minute. I didn't think, sir.  And I just said, 'that's it, I'm getting even with everybody.' so I set the curtains on fire," Raeggs explained.

In arrest papers, it says the fire was put out quickly, but police say there were 58 people inside the building at the time. That's why Raeggs is charged with risking a catastrophe.

"What if you had killed people in that building?"

"I know. I'm sorry," Raeggs said.

Police say Raeggs went through a mental evaluation, was cleared and released.

"People do things in the heat of battle, so to speak. She didn't like the way she was treated and followed through with trying to take people's lives," said Pittston Police Sgt. William Knowles.

While there were reasons for a mental evaluation, police say it is clear she knew she was wrong.

"She's not denying what she did and she's accepting the fact that she needs to take care of what she did and accepting the fact that there are consequences to go with that," said Sgt. Knowles.

Charlotte Raeggs was taken to the Luzerne County jail.

No one was hurt in that fire at Pittston Manor, but she faces serious charges because they could have been.


  • maria

    Randy, my mother is at manor and I visit regularly, the residents are always taken care of and are happy. If you are too place blame put it on the system that won’t help these people.

  • lavina

    I don’t know who evaluated this woman put I think they need to go back to school and pay attention because they really do not know what they are doing

  • Elizabeth

    The people at manor are well taken care of. You shouldn’t judge people without knowing the facts. It was a male resident that didn’t want take a walk with her N personal care home people come n go there not stuck in they have rights. N she didn’t ask workers to go for a walk Residents get good food n care there. There are not homes around that take SSI people anymore people only take private pay and it the hospitals insurances that are not helping these people. The system not the care takers Check the facts before judging

  • Rachael

    I have been to Pittston heavenly manor the owners of this building take very good care of all the residents and make sure everyone gets treated equal the people. They give each resident 2 presents for Christmas a big feast birthday gifts and a party . Easter baskets these people treat all there residents like family in every way possible. They give them home cooked meals and most of all the residents are very happy there and can tell you that themselfs . They take very good care of each and everyone they even try to help the residents out when there out of money by giving them there own money out of there pocket. Residents will be mean to one another something’s it happens but this home is a great home. Thanks all I have to say and I will stick to my word always about this manor.

    • Rachael

      Meaning by most of all the residents meaning as in that’s what matters if the residents are happy.

  • Angela S

    This story makes me sad, This woman obviously needs assistance and better care. How would you feel if this was your grandmother?

  • Randy

    Maybe the real crime lies in the manor, and there treatment toward there patience, I would like to here from there other patiences, not there care givers.

  • ME

    This woman obviously has problems and people in these homes can be so mean. At least she didn’t hit them in the face, with her purse.

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