Teen Sees Nude Photos Of Mom On Facebook – See Who Admitted Posting Them

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- A woman allegedly seeking revenge against her husband by posting nude pictures of his new girlfriend on line was in court Tuesday to agree to plead guilty to charges.

But the woman's behavior that was caught on camera after court may also be putting her in a bad light.

Many of us use Facebook to keep in touch with friends or find old classmates but police say Julie Ottaviani used Facebook to create a page that featured nude pictures of the girlfriend of her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

The woman from Blakley took a plea deal then she lashed out.

Minutes after agreeing to a plea deal for corruption of minors and criminal use of a computer, we tried getting Julie Ottaviani's side of the story outside a district magistrate's office in Hanover Township.

Ottaviani tried ripping away our microphone then took a swing with her purse, hitting Newswatch 16 reporter Bill Wadell in the face.

VIDEO: Nude Photo Suspect Hits WNEP Reporter With Purse

"People aren't thinking clearly when they do these kinds of things. They sort of let their emotions get the best of them," said Luzerne County Detective Chaz Balogh.

County detectives say in the middle of a bitter divorce with her estranged husband who lives in Luzerne County, Ottaviani hacked into his email account in January and stole two naked photos of his new girlfriend.

Detectives say Ottaviani then created a Facebook page using a fictitious name and she targeted the girlfriend's 14-year-old son by adding him as a friend on Facebook.

"Just being like any other person, not knowing who the request is from, he went and checked out who the person was, and of course right on the homepage were two images of his mother."

Court records say Ottaviani admitted to the crimes last month, saying:

"I wanted to get her fired and I wanted her kid to hurt as much as mine."

As part of the plea deal, authorities withdrew more serious charges of dissemination of sexually explicit material to a minor.

Ottaviani is free on bail. Her next hearing in Luzerne County court is scheduled for June.

Hanover Township police are now investigating her actions outside district court.


  • Sara

    You people have no idea what this women has been through nor what her husband has put not only her but her children too. Learn some real facts before you start shooting all of your mouths off.

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  • js

    She should be in jail for what she did. If isn’t right even for her letting her walk free she will do it again they all do what kind of propel do such a thing like this especially to a 14 year old boy and his mother grow up and act your age already.

    • Sara

      oh I’m sorry do you know her do you know the life she had had or for one why she did it, no, didn’t think so.

  • Ali

    Seriously, have closure with the divorce before going public with the new relationship. The entire mess is humiliating for all…and worse, is now public fodder Yes, what she did was soooooo wrong and the record will follow her. Nobody wins in ugly divorces….except the attorneys.

  • Joanne

    Shouldn’t she be getting slapped with- Megans Law sanctions ?
    She posted nude photos and friended a minor who saw them ?

  • Dawn

    It is sad when parents divorce, but it happens. The children should be the top concern for both parents. Hurting anohter person’s child on purpose is a whole new level of just plain wrong.

  • Brahm

    Too funny. That’s why you don’t send nude photos of yourself. Keep it in the bedroom. Lesson learned.

  • theresa wise

    She should have been arrested for assult r u serious cought right on camera n shes not charged wow

    • Bill Jones

      Yes I think the big guy was a detective and took her back in side. I think they said more charges are coming??

    • CaptainMerica

      Simple assault doesn’t involve arrest.. Unless she had a “blunt” object in her purse it wouldn’t be brought to agg assault. Also, caught is spelled caught. Also, Also, charges aren’t instant and she most likely will be charged with simple assault on top of what she had and if not the judge probably won’t be as generous with his discretion for that number.


      • CaptainMerica

        I lied simple assault can involve arrest but it’s not really necessary unless there’s threat of further harm

  • Janna

    “I wanted to get her fired and I wanted her kid to hurt as much as mine.” Said the crazy one
    WHAT?? How old is she again??? How old is her “kid” ? A LOT older than 14 I bet! So selfish and immature…..but what did she do to her husband?? Nothing

    • CaptainMerica

      She did divorce to him….. Merica..

      Divorce alone is traumatic mixed in with the fact that the father of your child/children and the man you loved is flying high with his mistress while you and his child/children are left in the dirt? It’s enough to make anyone do some bad things.. Was she wrong? Of corse… But if this were out in the Merica sticks somewhere they might all have a bul…. well you get the idea… I love how people assume everyone has iron coping tactics and should handle every experience life throws at them 100% professionally. It doesn’t make her crazy what she did… it makes her human.

      • Pete Mchow

        Her reacting inappropriate is human, once emotion is involved. But what makes her crazy is the statement… “I wanted to hurt her kid…” I understand wanting to hurt the other woman, wanting to hurt her husband, but the kid(s) didnt do anything to her… that is miss placed anger and that does make her appear C-R-A-Z-Y.

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