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Scranton Doctor and Wife Indicted

SCRANTON — Dr. Leroy Pelicci owns and runs Pelicci Pain Relief Center in Scranton.

His wife, Ann Pelicci, is listed as an employee.

The two now face charges including conspiracy.

Federal investigators said the couple withdrew more than $430,000 from four Scranton area banks, all to avoid reporting that money to the federal government.

It is a crime called “structuring.”

“It doesn’t surprise me there are so many terrible things that go on and people cheat the government all the time. I mean they literally get away with it,” said Harold Strickland of Old Forge.

Newswatch 16 called the Pelicci Pain Relief Center. We were told Dr. Pelicci was not available for comment.

“Maybe he was just a little greedy and I don’t pass judgement on people but you don’t have to be an astronaut to figure out what’s happening in this world today. Some people never have enough,” said a man who only wanted to be known as Richard from Old Forge.

“It’s only fair, everybody else has to do it and if they’re doing it, it’s illegal, it’s against the law so basically it’s unfair,” said Anthony Borrelli of Scranton.

Federal investigators said if convicted, the Peliccis could face up to 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.


  • Stan

    I used to see Dr pellici and he was a good Dr that had your back and went to bat for you if you had real medical problems.The case sounds kind of like a federal fishing expedition and the best they could do ..I mean better get a big story about the pain cliniic doctor and his wife not telling everyone he was on his death bed and moving legal money around so that it might be heald up in estate bs in a practice .I also like to say Dr pellici wouldn’t charge the deductible if you where disabled and couldn’t pay but other then that I’m pretty sure that what the girl with the junkie daddy was talking about Dr pellici will be missed. I’m sorry that a great doctor had his name slammed like this and dies a week later.Pretty sure DA feds knew he was I’ll and killed a good doctor for there big story Pain doctor moving money there must be more but nothing dead ending.I hope when there in pain on there death bed PR before they find out living in pain ain’t living and not fun.Dr pellici would been there and not worrying about there money if they didn’t have much and try to help like he always did.Please try to find some real criminals before you go back to being a criminal defense lawyer low life fed dDA asslickers not kickers…….

  • Dennis

    Ok, this is a terribly written story as so much pertinent information is missing. Had the money on deposit already been taxed? My guess is yes because the charges are only conspiracy, apparently for withdrawing money in such a way to keep withdrawls under the radar since transactions exceeding $10,000 must be reported to big brother.

    The comments that he “cheated” the government are baseless. How exactly did he cheat the government by withdrawing his/their own money if there was no tax fraud? I blame Channel 16 for reporting this story as it written. It could have been written more factually without the “man-in-the-street” slant. The piece reads more like a gossip column than a serious news article with its peppering of uninformed comments by the “contributing” commenters (Harold Strickland, Richard, and Anthony Borrelli) who obviously haven’t a clue as to what alleged crime was committed. They couldn’t tell the difference between structuring and building a 2×4 wall, but their comments play well with the low-education, low-information, and jealous people who populate the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area; so they are ripe fodder for ratings.

    I understand why structuring laws make sense to prevent drug dealers and other criminal enterprises who endeavor to take cash from the shadows to the legitimacy of a bank account. That makes sense.

    But this case appears to be structuring in reverse–withdrawing already taxed money in increments that will avoid government scrutiny as structuring is more often associated with depositing. One can only speculate but they were probably trying to secure Mrs. Pelicci after his passing. With the voracious (and growing) appetite for even more revenue, the Feds and IRS are looking to pick anyones bones as much as they can and whenever the opportunity presents itself. After all, we have to pay for all of this wealth redistribution and government growth somehow.

    It is a shame that Channel 16 chooses to report in this manner. That is something I expect more from the Scranton Times who regularly pander to the jealous and envious. This is another reason why the area will never rebound from the funk that has plagued the region since the death of anthracite. With the help of God, the next generation will eschew this negative and self-defeating mindset. But for now, unfortunately, the area will live in the past, condemn the successful, and idolize false heroes like Joe Biden who successfully mine the area for its most precious resource–votes on election day. At least his family had the sense to leave.

    • ne3

      Fredo, please translate! Every time I try to translate the spanish language…I end up misinterpreting such a beautiful language. Lol!

    • ne3

      Yes Fredo, I have. And you are right….my responses do appear as if the doctor and his wife were already tried and convicted. Though that wasn’t my intent….that wasn’t very fair of me. I was attempting to get a few people to understand that the fact that the doctor was a good doctor (according to many patients), the information that he was sick and then died, and the claim that he and his wife did earn all this money legitimately, didn’t give him a right to withdraw the $ from accounts in the manner he and his wife did, (if indeed they did)…in no way excuses him from any crime he may have commited! I just wanted to point out that we are all responsible for following federal, state and local laws, period!!! Now, Fredo, I would need to ask you (and many others here): “Have you ever heard of due process?” Why do I ask? Well…many of you just assume the doctor is innocent. More comments/replies speak to this than to him being guilty. How have so many of you determined the doctor and wife are innocent of a crime, if they were only indicted…and never tried? That doesn’t sound anything like the definition of “due process”, in the USA I live in!

  • AP

    Sorry for your loss Mrs Pellicci your husband was a great Dr. and it was a pleasure to be seen by him for many years. It is a shame however that he can not even pass away in peace. We all work pay tax’s to the government and they still control how much you put in the bank or how much you withdraw from the bank. I thought we lived in America, this is why our gov’t has to sit and print out money because of the crooks they have working everyday for them and over paying for use of gov’t vehicles and credit cards. That was the mans money if he wants it he should be able to use it, withdraw it whatever he sees fit. He already paid the tax on when he earned it, earned interest on it than payed tax again on it time again. The gov’t had to make money at least 2 to 3 times on it. Think about.

    • ne3

      AP….many of you are making this into an issue that shouldn’t even be questioned! Yes, the doctor was very ill and died. It really is sad that happened to him, and his friends, family and patients will truly feel that loss! Let’s not confuse the issues here though! You talk about the government and all the things you believe is wrong. This isyour attempt to cloud the real issue. After you and othersdo all your whining and throw your allegations against everyone and their mother…the truth of the matter still prevails. The doctor and his wife broke laws, committed a crime…and deserved the same consequences as anyone else who does what they did! A little bit of a reality check here…wrong is wrong!

  • B.G.D.

    We are saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Pelicci. May he rest in peace. Those that wished him dead should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Frank

    So the crime is withdrawing his own money that he already paid taxes on? All because someone wants to know what he’s doing with his money? WOW!!!!!!!!

    • ne3

      Frank, really? Your comment eludes to the possibility that perhaps you don’t have a strong grasp on the complete process utilized by our over zealous government! If nothing else…you’ve reduced the entire so-called taxing process into about one step! It bothers me immensely (sp.?) when seemingly smart people tend to totally disregard what the real problem or valid issue is in an article…to the point of forgetting altogether what the alleged criminal is being accused of. That’s just wrong!

  • jhosk

    ne3 may have a good point here, methinks. I will not tolerate crime. It`s against my principles. The fact the dude is terminally ill is inmaterial, in my humble opinion. Uncle Sam needs cash money. I`ve heard tell our government is broke. The fact that that same govt. wastes $billions or perhaps even $trillions, especially in the Defense Department, is inmaterial as well. I pay my taxes each season, right down to the last nickel I owe, and feel everyone should do the same.

  • michelle m

    Omg. Let the man die in peace! How did everyone get so distracted? He’s got cancer and is dying! For the love of God what’s wrong with u people? Shame shame shame

    • ne3

      Sooo Michelle…if a person has cancer and is dying. ..then it’s okay to commit crimes? Really? Sorry, but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of!!!

  • Charly Lucky



  • Bill

    Dr Pelicci is a great Doctor and has been my pain management Doctor for years. But you should know Dr Pelicci is dying from cancer where he had been undergoing chemo repetedly for years. Maybe Dr Pelicci was trying to secure his wife’s well being after he is gone. From what I have heard Dr Pelicci has days if not a week or two to live. Let the man die in peace and drop your charges against the man especially since you have no idea what he was going to do “WITH HIS OWN MONEY” You DA”S should all go to hell for what you are doing Dr Peliccdi is a good man.

  • anonymous570

    He is a great doctor and far from greedy. If he already paid taxes on the money taken out then where is crime? The world is a greedy place cause of the government. A man who has never had a law suite or malpractice claim is being labeled greedy for taking what is his, what he worked for? If you worked hard for your money and just saved it over years and just one day decided to withdrawl it, you would cause attention too. Why cause of the amount of money you just took out. The government will always find a way to tax you, or charge you with something due to your actions.

  • John Maass

    I went to this Dr. for a few years, not only is he a great Dr. in helping people deal with immense pain and terrible suffering he goes above his calling as just a Dr. and makes his patients feel like more than a folder in a cabinet. Dr. Leroy Pellicci is a good guy and if he wants to keep his money from our corrupted government he should be able to do so without a bunch of whining libtards crying over something that isn’t theirs. I support you and your wife Leroy, keep up the great work you do. If you get tired of Scranton come to Atlanta GA so I can see a real Dr. again. I miss our office visits full of jokes and quips haha. Be well my friend, you will prevail. I can only hope to find another Dr. as caring and compassionate as you are. Former patient John Maass

  • John Maass

    I went to this Dr. for a few years, not only is he a great Dr. in helping people deal with immense pain and terrible suffering he goes above his calling as just a Dr. and makes his patients feel like more than a folder in a cabinet. Dr. Leroy Pellicci is a good guy and if he wants to keep his money from our corrupted government he should be able to do so without a bunch of whining libtards crying over something that isn’t theirs. I support you and your wife Leroy, keep up the great work you do. If you get tired of Scranton come to Atlanta GA so I can see a real Dr. again. I miss our office visits full of jokes and quips haha. Be well my friend, you will prevail.

  • Crisp

    They told me when I was in college that I needed to pay attention to grammar, spelling, etc… or I would never get a job. I guess that’s not true for WNEP. It’s not just this article either. A little time to proof read might help???

  • Harold Smith

    The thing is, we don’t have a “federal government”; rather, we have an organized crime syndicate (Murder Inc.), with a flag.

  • RocketMan

    As much as i don’t agree with doctors and there greed. Has anyone ever considered how bad the government cheats us? I mean come on were taxed to death here people you gotta do whatever you can to stay above water. How about if there really worried they can indite all the lazy people milking disability or collecting welfare and spending it while on vacation!

  • Elephant

    The little crook tried to keep some money from the real criminals in DC.
    Point your anger where it will do some good, vote out the liberal, progressive ,socialists. Yes I know what socialism is, and we are almost there.

  • ne3

    Ms. INDEPENDANT…speaking of misspellings, is there anyparticular reason as to why you choose to misspell the name you use for posting here? Nowhere do I find INDEPENDANT a correct spelling for the proper spelling of INDEPENDENT!


    The Rich Doctor steals $430,000. And you idiots see spelling errors. A little greedy?? Im certain he Scammed Medicare, Medicade, etc. Surprised the building isnt burning yet, thats what doctors used to do to cover their earnings.

    • Me

      I agree Ms. INDEPENDANT, but you don’t seem to realize that criticizing others about every little thing is the only thing that makes the people of this area feel better about themselves. That is what truly matters to them, not these problems. The citizens ignore the real problems in the area and focus on things, yes grammar is one lol, and things like a person’s appearance, religion, political view etc. and then they are baffled why their beloved coal region is being taken over by gangs when the only focus is on petty bulls**t. Based on the mentality of the people I’ve met since moving here, I believe this area was destined for ruin.

  • Justanobserver

    Harold Strickland must be one of those people who are dependent on the Govt. to make that statement! The Govt cheats us everyday!

  • Danielle

    Maybe they will also look into him for insurance fraud. I know first hand that he is as crooked as they come. He was my fathers drug dealer oh I mean “pain Management Doctor”.

    • John Maass

      If your father was truly in pain then you should be thankful that Dr. Pellicci was able to help him. If he was just a Scranton junkie looking to get high I hope he ends up in the gutter with that rest of the junkies…..

  • af

    Unfortunately that’s not the only grammatical error in this article. Hard to really believe something with such glaring mistakes.

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