One of Two Dogs Saved from Icy Pond, Dog Reunited with Owner

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MADISONVILLE -- A young pup named Dexter is back home and has already made himself pretty comfortable.

Earlier today, the German Shepard and his companion Dolly Madison found themselves stuck in an icy pond after getting loose from their kennel.

"A caller called in and said there were two dogs in the pond barking. We went over, it was dark. We put the lights on the truck and, he was up out of the water swimming," Madisonville fire chief, Kevin Emerson said.

A few hours later, the dogs owner Kevin Cleveland was reunited with his pup at the kennel.

Now with Dexter home - he's trying to figure out how the dogs got out and if someone is responsible.

:There is no way they could get out of the kennel. The concrete in the kennel is like four feet deep. There is no way they could dig or get out," Kevin Cleveland said.

Even though the house is a bit quieter without Dolly Madison around, Cleveland is happy to at least have Dexter.

Now he just worries about the long road ahead with a pup who is missing his best friend.

"It's like somebody taking your child away. They get depressed. They'll stop eating, won't sleep because they get depressed," Cleveland said.

Cleveland thanks all first responders who tried to rescue his dogs this morning.

Dexter will no longer be staying outside in his kennel. His owners fear he may go back to the pond and look for Dolly Madison.


  • Alex

    Thank you for responding, we just wanted to know if this was him, they could be twins. I’m glad to hear that the kennel is taken care of. I would have rather this have been our dexter, though, because I still don’t know what happened to ours :(

  • Michelle

    First off it’s there dog, Dexter is only a year old. He is not your dog Alex. And Aaron the dogs are very warm if you seen the kennel you wouldn’t be saying things!

  • Alex

    November of 2012, my husband and I got a beautiful German shepherd for our toddler after we lost our loving pitbull in April. We named him dexter. As he grew, he became quite the handful and we quickly realized our half acre was not enough for him. The year became harder when my husband was laid off, and this was shortly after we found out we were blessed with another child. As hard as the decision was to come to, we knew we just were not the best fit for Dexter, and that he deserved to live on a farm in the country where he had the best chance of being happy. After interviewing a few families, we found what we thought was the perfect match out near Hegins. We had a couple meets with the family, and they decided to keep Dexter with the promise that if anything changed for them, they would give us a call and we would take him back and find someone else. It was really important to us that we knew where he was and could visit and hear updates. Within 2 weeks we were told that Dexter and the families’ other dog had run away from home. Days after searching, they found the other dog, but no sign of Dexter. I feared the worse, thinking he was in a ditch with a broken ankle or worse. Then the cold hit, and I had little to no hope that he had survived. Then I hear this news story, and I wonder… Is this our Dexter? I don’t know if he was picked up by this man or if we were lied to by the family about what had happened to Dexter, but I know in my heart that this is him. I am so sorry to hear about Dolly. Why were these dogs outside in this brutal winter? How did they get out? But really, I just really want to know if this is our Dexter. At the very least, I want to know that he is doing good, if he is happy, and I want to know that he is being taken care of properly, with a warm, safe roof over his head, and a loving owner who pays Dexter all the attention he deserves. If anyone knows anything about this, please respond. My family and I just want some answers.

  • Aaron

    The guy is a dimwit for keeping dogs outside in this weather. Somebody should put him in his kennel tonight.

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