Crews Save One of Two Dogs From Icy Pond, Name Rescued Dog ‘Lucky’

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MADISONVILLE -- Firefighters said one dog died and another was rescued from a pond near Moscow in Lackawanna County.

The owner of the surviving dog picked up the German Shepherd at a kennel in Madisonville Tuesday morning.

Animal control officers spent the morning calling around the area trying to find the dog's owner. Eventually they were able to figure out where both dogs came from and connect the owner with the dog that survived.

Firefighters say they were called to the pond off Major Road in Madisonville after a neighbor feeding his chickens heard them barking in the pond. Somehow they got out on the ice and ended up in the water.

Firefighters were able to pull one dog, named Dexter, to safety but their attempts to revive the other German shepherd named Dolly Madison didn't work.

The fire chief tells us about the effort to make the ice rescue.

"The caller said there were two dogs in the pond barking.  We went over, put up our lights. He was up out of the water barking. We used the landowner's flat-bottomed boat and we used that to go out and get it," said Madisonville Fire Chief Kevin Emerson.

Firefighters were calling the dog that survived Lucky this morning. But we learned his name is Dexter and he is back home now.

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Firefighters said they tried to revive the other dog but it did not survive.


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