A Recipe for Easter Cheer

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SHICKSHINNY -- How does one church in Shickshinny make enough money to stay open for 140 years? In part, by selling 16,000 homemade chocolate eggs for Easter every year!

It all starts with a little stir, then a tap, then a smear, and finally the crinkle of a bag.

"We've been here everyday since last Monday," said Linda Maczuga, of Union Township.

"Including weekends?"

"Because it's a three-day process," said Maczuga.

A three-day process for one batch of chocolate peanut butter or coconut cream eggs made by volunteers at the Shickshinny First Methodist Church.

"The peanut butter is so good because you know a lot of times you get eggs and inside they're very dry. These are just perfect. I have to say," said volunteer Christine Pugh.

Each egg sells for 85 cents. Making and selling 16,000 eggs between February and April each year brings in a lot of money for the church.

"Last year I think we brought in around $10,000. It's really a big help to the church," said Maczuga.

"Keeps the doors open so that they can do outreach. They do an awful lot of outreach," said Pugh.

The church has been around 140 years. Volunteer Lois Garrard has been helping make eggs for 20 of them.

"After they've been coated, you have to trim a little bit sticks out the side and then I look to see if there's any cracks or anything on them," said Lois Garrard.

So now I'm going to help out and try and learn a little bit about what these fabulous ladies are doing with all these chocolate eggs at the church.

By doing so I learned....

It's harder than it looks. See? I just dropped it right in the pot. It's much harder than it looks, I swear.

Some volunteers come to help who aren't even members of the church.

"People just come and it's wonderful. It's like a community project almost," said Maczuga.

If you'd like to buy chocolate eggs from the church, head to www.recipemadereal.com.


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      Ordering the chocolate eggs on the website offers the church a national distribution opportunity to sell more eggs, and the convenience for at home customers to order on-line and have their chocolate egg orders shipped to their door. Customers have the option to order directly from the church by driving to Shickshinny or ordering online.

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