Water Main Break in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- Pennsylvania American Water crews have repaired a 12-inch main beneath East Union Street that broke late Sunday night.

A 12-inch main running beneath East Union Street in downtown Wilkes-Barre also broke on March 1.

Some of that water was pumped out of the hole, and sent to a storm drain down the street. But a lot of it wound up in the basement of Phoenix Center.  The building housing law, accounting, and other offices took on water in the March 1 break, and a clean-up crew had to go to work again.

Dave Newton says he finished drying out the basement just hours before the latest break.

"We actually took our blower fans out, elevator shaft was dry, floor was dry and now we're repeating the same process."

Newton says this is more than just getting rid of the water.  They have to disinfect everything the water touched to guard against mold.

The water main break was on East Union Street in Wilkes-Barre, just around the corner on North Washington Street is Coughlin High School.  Different street, same problem: no water.

Classes were cancelled for the day.  Couple this with seven snow days, and the administration says students should get ready for some calendar adjustments.

The people at the CareerLink office are also adjusting.

Deja Washington came to fill out some paperwork, in hopes of getting a new job.  She found the doors closed.  CareerLink didn't open because the rest rooms were useless without water.

"I was a little surprised.  It caught me off guard.  I was hoping it was open, but it was not," Washington said.

Washington says she will be back. The closed office and the water main break come on the worst day for CareerLink.

"Mondays are busy.  We usually have about 200 people in here on Mondays, so we're not happy that we're not open to serve them, however we understand these things happen, especially with the weather," said CareerLink worker Christine Jensen.

And this was a scene repeated often: people looking for help, but CareerLink closed.

If this is like the last break, some other homes and businesses in this part of Wilkes-Barre might get cloudy water, or low water pressure.