Old Castle, Other Commercial Buildings To Be Auctioned

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SCRANTON -- On Tuesday, nearly an entire block in North Scranton goes on the auction block.

The bidding for the old Castle restaurant and other properties on North Main Avenue give some people hope that more businesses may move into the neighborhood.

If you've taken a drive along North Main Avenue in Scranton recently you've probably seen these signs. At least a half dozen commercial buildings near Providence Square will be up for auction.

"We've been having probably a couple hundred people come in here for the sale so far," said auctioneer Nasser Mohammed Zad.

The old Castle restaurant is one of the properties being auctioned.

The old Castle restaurant is one of the properties being auctioned.

The properties for sale include the old Castle restaurant and the building that once house Buckingham oriental rugs.

Mohammed Zad's operated the old Buckingham's Oriental Rugs for more than 30 years.

The auctioneer says the owners are leaving the country and decided to sell before a bank takes over next month.

He is hopeful that someone will purchase the properties.

"I hope somebody will purchase everything, the properties, and let's see what happens for the future of Scranton."

The minimum bid for each property is $25,000.

Joan Sweet of Scranton's Green Ridge section hopes they're put to good use.

"Something for, like, the younger group, 21 and younger. Something so our kids can have some sort of activities to do around here in town, instead of hanging on a street corner causing problems."

Almost all of the businesses along this stretch of North Main Avenue are up for auction. But there is one business that is not up for auction and workers here say they're just ready to see more businesses move back into Scranton.

"Somewhere where we can give back to the community. Just local. That's what we need around here, that we can give back to our fellow entrepreneurs and that would be great," said Kymberly Kveragas in Dr. Charnitski's office.

The auction for the commercial buildings starts at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The following properties will be auctioned:

1844 North Main Ave, (Buckingham Rugs), 1842 North Main Ave (Buckingham Jewelers), 1380-40 North Main Ave (Apartment), 1836 North Main Ave (tanning), 1826 North Main Ave (Castle night club & bingo), 1822 North Main Ave (Pacific Auto), 147 Coal St. (house) in Wilkes Barre, and 1312 Vine Street (house) in Scranton.

Other items, including cars and motorcycles, will be auctioned off at 3 p.m.