Man Arrested For Deadly Great Bend Hit and Run

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP -- Authorities in Susquehanna County have made an arrest in a deadly hit and run.

Police believe Roger Radakovich of Hallstead is the man who hit and killed Earl Youngs on Route 11 near Great Bend in January.

With his head down and covered, Roger Radakovich said nothing as he left a magistrate's office in New Milford.

The man from Hallstead turned himself in for a hit and run that left Earl Youngs, 20, dead.

It happened on January 15 on Route 11 near Great Bend.

"I think Roger made a lot of mistakes real quick. Probably he was upset," said neighbor Harry Marvin Shaner.

According to court papers, Radakovich was driving this silver Jeep Liberty southbound when he hit Youngs who was walking along the road.

Witnesses say they saw Radakovich get out of the car to see what he hit. They also say he came back to the scene of the crash later that day.

Alyssa Wright was Earl Young's girlfriend.  earl youngs mug

"He didn't just take somebody's life. He has so much more to pay for than just the guilt that he feels. And I hope that he does feel guilty," Wright said.

The crash happened just down the street from the home the couple shared with her mother.

"Watching my daughter suffer is hard, so I'm hoping this will help some," said Joan Wright.

Radakovich is charged with homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, accidents involving death or personal injury, and several other charges.

State police say his jeep had no inspection or insurance. Hey say he was going too fast for the foggy conditions of that morning.

Initially, Radakovich told police he hit a deer but eventually admitted that he hit Youngs.

"We knew it was just about time that he was going to come forward. There were no more ways he could lie around it."

Radakovich is free on bail. He's expected back in court later this month.


  • Caughtuptohim

    It was only a matter of time before the illegal stuff these boys are into caught up with them in a big way. I wonder if he was under the influence. Wouldn’t surprise me. The whole family is full of people who think they are better than everyone else, however no one is above the law…unless youre a celeb…or a politician.

  • Christie

    I hope he burns and rots in hell…. :'( Earl was a great kid and he had a heart of gold….. WTF where you thinking Roger!!!!

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