Earthquake Hits Near PA-OH Border

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BOARDMAN, Ohio – A 2.8 magnitude earthquake originated about eight miles west of New Castle, PA  and about eight miles southeast of Youngstown around 2:26 a.m.

WJW/Fox8 reports that residents were quick to call 911, many suspecting an intruder caused the house to shake.

“I don’t know if someone’s trying to break in or what.  I have three children in here,” one woman told a 911 dispatcher.

Dispatchers tried to determine what happened by asking the callers if they heard other noises or saw flashes of light.

In one call, a man wondered, “What if it’s an earthquake?”

At the time of this report, local officials said there were no reports of damage.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological Society, Northeast Ohio is one of the regions in the state that is particularly susceptible to seismic activity.

That area has experienced more than 100 earthquakes since 1836.

Many have been beneath Lake Erie offshore from Lake County and most caused little or no damage.


  • mike

    Ohio Geologists Link Fracking To Earthquake Activity
    COLUMBUS, Ohio – State geologists in Ohio have for the first time linked earthquake activity in the Marcellus Shale basin to hydraulic fracturing, confirming the suspicions of activists pushing for drilling limits in the interest of public health.

    State Oil & Gas Chief Rick Simmers told The Associated Press on Friday that a state investigation of five small tremors in the Youngstown area last month has found a probable link.

    He said Ohio is setting new permitting conditions in earthquake-sensitive areas and has halted drilling indefinitely at the site of the March quakes.

    A seismologist with the U.S. Department of Interior said it’s the first time seismic activity has been linked to Marcellus shale exploration that’s swept the northeastern United States over the past several years.

  • Barbie doll

    Wastewater injection is not I think you’re missing Michael’ s point..The two processes are completely different so u cannot compare or use them as interchangeable terms.

  • wolfhheinl

    I bet the fossil fuel companies will say that yesterday’s fracking earthquake in Ohio was just an aftershock of this one rather than anything to do with them.

    Earthquakes in Ohio. Boy, if that ain’t a canary in the coal mine, I don’t know what is.

    But, at least it isn’t as steady as all those quakes in Oklahoma, Texas, all those other fracking states.

      • Aubrey

        Actually, according to the USGS database there hasn’t been 100 earthquakes there since 1836, but we’ll assume this is correct anyway. 100 earthquakes over a 175+ year period = an earthquake every 2 years on average. In 2011 this area experienced 109 earthquakes beginning 1 month after the wastewater injection sites began operation. I think there is a big difference between averaging an earthquake every other year to having 109 of them in 1 year don’t you Michael?

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