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What’s Next on the Menu at Viewmont Mall?

DICKSON CITY– On Sunday, customers had a final chance to grab a slice at Roma Pizza in the Viewmont Mall.

After nearly four decades serving shoppers Roma Pizza has to move elsewhere in Dickson City. The new location will be on Business Route 6.

Mall management plans to use the space for a sit-down eatery that includes a bar.

While there is no official word from the mall about exactly who is moving in, the switch fits with a shift seen across the country. Industry experts said that as malls deal with the changing retail landscape, dining and entertainment are key to attracting customers.

On Sunday, shoppers in the parking lot wondered what the new offering would be.

One spicy possibility has tongues wagging.

“I heard a rumor it was Buffalo Wild Wings, which I think would be pretty exciting,” Teri Julian of Mayfield said.

“I heard it is going to be a Buffalo Wild Wings, I think that will be great,” John Mecca of Dunmore said.

A hot trend in eating has found a warm welcome at the mall: the popular “What the Fork” food truck.

While chain restaurants seem to go hand in hand with malls, truck workers believe a locally owned option could proper in the mall.

Mark Graziosi is a cook on the truck.

“I think a family-owned restaurant could succeed, if it is quality food and service, positively yes.”

But some shoppers said that a nationally advertised chain would be a powerful draw, especially if it offers something new.

“You always hear the commercials for them, but it will be nice to have them in the area,” Mecca said.

“Anything you can go to Philly or New York City for, I would definitely be excited for,” Julian added.


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