Praise for the Pope

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DUNMORE -- March 13 will mark one year since Pope Francis became the leader of the Catholic Church.

Members of the Catholic Church in Lackawanna County said the new pope is bringing a new light to the religion.

"People are excited about him and because they're excited about him, they're excited about the church," said Sr. John Michele at Marywood University.

Even some college students feel like they can connect with the 77-year-old pope.

"In a certain way, he is more representing the younger people which I find to be really beneficial for everyone in the church," said Olivia Basar of Mountain Top.

Zach Haney from Danville appreciates the Pope's humbleness and the fact that Pope Francis wants to drive his own car.

"I just like his whole 'stick it to the man' type of attitude. He's not big into being cooped up. He's out there on the streets."

Governor Corbett will travel to Vatican City from March 23-27. He will meet with Pope Francis and discuss the possibility of the pope coming to Pennsylvania in 2015. Students at Marywood University think that would be a great idea.

"That opportunity would just be amazing, so I would definitely love to see him come here," said Basar.

"I think he's definitely someone worth seeing and I think a lot of people would agree," said Haney.

Pope Francis is also on Twitter. While he has millions of followers, he follow only eight. So who could the Pope possibly follow? Himself! The other accounts are the Pope's tweets in different languages.