Pizza Shop Forced Out of Viewmont Mall

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DICKSON CITY -- A popular pizza shop is getting the boot after 40 years at the Viewmont Mall in Lackawanna County.

The owner of Roma Pizza says they got the news a few months ago that they were being forced out so a pub can be added.

Roma Pizza is done serving up slices at the mall after Sunday.

The owner says they plan to move to a new location on Route 6 in Dickson City in four or five months.


  • Stephen

    There is a lot of speculation in some of these comments. Does anyone know all of the information? Why did the owner wait 2 months to get the word out to the news if this was such a travesty? That would have been enough time to put together a petition or some legal battle if they were being targeted. Is there a reason the mall didn’t offer another location to them? That is what I want to know before we get the pitchforks and torches out.

  • Debbie

    It’s all about money. Did the owners ever consider that a bar is not appropriate for the mall? I sincerely hope it goes out of business!

  • Ruthe W

    does anyone have anything to say about their few dedicated Roma employees who have been with them for many many years?

  • i don't like the mall anyway

    Yes the same company (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust – PREIT) owns both the the Viewmont and Wyoming Valley Malls. They are also evicting a kids theatre company – KISS Theatre – from the Wyoming Valley Mall that has been there for 5 years, is thriving and according to PREIT’s own web site brings in visitors of 150,000 a year to the mall – for the rumor of a chinese buffet – (because we don’t have enough of them around here). It must be nice in this economy to have all these companies beating down their doors to let them in that they go around throwing out business that have been around for awhile even though the WVM food court is half empty, they have empty store fronts within the mall and some of their out building but they don’t care about that it’s just about who will pay more for that particular spot. It’s all about the almighty green back!

    p.s. they own a lot more malls in several states too. Here are a few you may have visited here in PA – Lehigh Valley, Plymouth Meeting, Lycoming, South, Nittany – just to mention a few.

  • danny

    I don’t know its going to be a BWW or not but they certainly do have Mall locations. There is one at Arundel Mills Mall in Md

  • Marilyn

    That just stinks. My kids and I loved our Roma lunches at the mall. We won’t be going to Buffalo whatever. Not a sound business decision!

  • Katie Flo

    It’s actually not going to be a pub…. It’s going to be Buffalo Wild Wings. That doesn’t sound too bad.

  • WTF

    Those places are not in Scranton, they are all in Dickson City. Scranton only goes as far as Sears in that mall, everything else in the mall is Sickson City I believe. Putting a pub in there might be ok but why couldn’t they find another place within the mall for the pizza shop. Can’t help but feel there may be a little more to this story than we are hearing. Thoughts?

  • BMCA

    Typical responses from old, closed-minded people, so resistant to progress that they would rather ride the Viewmont Mall into the dirt instead of seeing the benefit of having a nationally advertised brand brought in to drum up additional interest in the mall. It is hilarious to see how badly most of the comments immediately twist “pub” into some type of deboutchery inducing “bar” that will produce countless drunks aimlessly wondering around the mall. Go hang out at Old Country Buffet and play bingo.

  • Jen

    I agree it’s a bad move. When I’m at the mall, i see lots of families with children, ours included. Roma has great pizza that the kids love and it’s economical. The new restaurant wouldn’t draw us down there now. Nothing really left that is kid-friendly. Again, lots of families at the mall.

  • Michelle Bowan

    Just what everyone needs, more booze.
    Roma’s was a great place for all these years..
    Someone should get their priorities straight!!!!
    I am against & will not enter the Pub

  • andy

    Just throw some hookers and drug dealers in the mix this is so ridiculous to get rid of a staple of the mall

  • TM

    I think this is a major mistake on the part of those making the decisions. There are enough larger restaurants in that area. Mall employees will be less likely to frequent a pub on their lunch break for lack of time where the other food court choices were a quick option for them. They are also inviting trouble, IMO. Potentially having drunk people walk around the mall, which I’m guessing is still supposed to be family friendly, is just plain bad. My family used to enjoy grabbing pizza for the kids there and Japanese food for the adults. Those were our favorite places. Makes me sick what their doing.

  • julianne gilmer

    Malls are dying out anyway….. I bet they’ll do much more business when they open on Rt. 6. I haven’t been in Viewmont Mall in years although I drive past it on a regular basis.

  • Semore

    The mall must be planning to re-structure that part of the food court. Obviously people can’t be wandering around the food court/mall with alcohol with open container laws. Next will be a bar between the food court and Applebees as a mid point lol

  • meg

    Well there is an Applebee’s in the mall so what’s the difference is another RESTAURANT goes into the mall wow some ppl r insane who care roman is gonna do great on rt 6 and it will b another restaurant for you to go to so who cares

    • Christina

      Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself. If a person is going to drink and drive, they will find a way. Regardless of how many bars are around. It’s just like saying more fast food restaurants are going to make people eat more fast food, which is a stupid thought process.

      • Me

        Have you ever heard of the concept of enabling the weak. Guess they don’t teach that at your local church.

      • Christina

        Enabling the weak? Are you serious? I hate ignorant bible thumpers. Church has nothing to do with the fact that people are going to do what they want, regardless of where it is. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Or do they not teach that at churches in your area?

      • Me

        Yes Christina I am serious. This area is mostly alcoholics and drug addicts, stats show that clearly, those groups are by definition weak. Also I’m not an ignorant bible thumper lol as you put it, my response was directed towards his religious based comment. No surprise your confused. Your response is typical of a person who is/was an addict or has a family member or loved one who is. The funniest thing about your comment is you claim to hate religious people but then you quote the bible, that is called being a hypocrite. Typical local ha ha.

      • Christina

        Hate to burst your bubble but I don’t come from a family of addicts, and I myself have never been, nor am I now, an addict. Just because I am a Christian, does not make me a bible thumper, because unlike most ignorant folk, I don’t force my opinions and beliefs down other peoples throats. I accept that I just like others am an individual and have my own opinions. I state my opinion, yes, but I don’t force others to conform to my ideals. Just because I have accepted certain fates, and practice as a Christian, does not make me a hypocrite. Just realistic. Maybe you should try it.

  • April Krayer

    opening a bar in the mall?….I don’t think that’s a very good or safe idea…there will be drunk people running around the mall possibly going up to children and others…unless there is a way to prevent that I don’t believe this is a good idea at all.

    • evanava

      Its not a bar….just another restaurant that serves alcohol as does Applebees. It’s a Buffalo Wild Wings. Drunk people ate not going to be walking around the mall drinking..

      • April Krayer

        not what I said…I said drunk people..not walking around the mall drinking…..but everyone has their own opinion and I respect that..people shouldn’t go around bashing other peoples opinions

  • tomahawk

    Well johnny rockets didn’t last why would this new pub be better roma been there for ever it was there before viewmont had a food court will miss them

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