Pittston St. Patrick’s Parade Showcases Revival

Pittston-- A community best known for tossing tomatoes, was swimming in shamrocks Saturday.

Pittston kicked off a new era, bringing back the St. Patrick's parade for the first time in generations.

Scranton used to be the first spot in our region to don the green every year. However, since this year that parade will take place March 15th, Pittston organizers were happy to take the lead.

Mayor Jason Klush says, "Get the families back out, and get Pittston pride established again."

Klush says that shamrock banners hanging from the lamp posts inspired the parade. He explains that when they went up last year they were so popular, residents started talking about expanding on the idea.

And so they did.

On Saturday there were bagpipes a plenty, bands large and small, and a pot of gold shooting confetti. There was also plenty to see on the sideline, especially kids in creative costumes.

Cheryl Higgins found the perfect place to take in the show. The front porch of her home is right on the parade route. She says,"We are going to wander around too, but we always have this place to come back to."

Everyone we met seemed pleased by the turnout. Norm Colwell of Exeter sees it as a sign that the community is headed in the right direction.

"You drive through here at night, the streets are all lit up so nice, it's just a big improvement to what it was years ago."

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