Irish Soda Bread

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Bakery Delite in Plains prepares Irish Soda Bread for Saint Patrick's Day.
Bakery Delite - Irish Soda Bread
Yields 10 loaves
5 lb. bread flour
2 1/2 oz. baking powder
1/2 oz.  baking soda
1 0z. salt
6 oz. sugar
9 oz. oil
1/2 gallon butter milk
2 lbs.  6 1/2 oz.  raisins
Mix dry ingredients.  Add oil, and buttermilk while mixing.  Combine raisins last and mix in just for a minute as not to damage raisins.
Scale off dough to 1lb 2oz. pieces.
Place in loaf pans and bake at 360 degrees for 30-35 minutes.  Test with tooth pick to see if dough sticks to it.  If not, it is done.