Woman Worries About Family In Ukraine

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- A woman in Schuylkill County with strong family ties to Ukraine is watching the situation there closely.

As Sofiya Silfies works at her job as a real estate agent in Schuylkill Haven, her thoughts are with her family in Ukraine and the Russian invasion of her native land. She wants the invading army to go home.

"The one important (thing) is not to use military force and we always have to find a reasonable solution," Silfies said.

Silfies came to America nine years ago and became an American citizen just last year. She left behind her family, including her mother. She has relatives in Ukraine and Russia. Each side has opposing views on the political situation.

"There are disagreements in the families. They sent emails to each other. My mom pointed out they were making some comments and the relatives in Russia see things in different ways than people in Ukraine."

Silfies says the political situation is especially troubling for her mother and baseless rumors.

"There is opinion in my hometown where I left that she is an American spy because she has daughter in the United States, which is ridiculous to me!" she said.

Silfies says the biggest stress factor is not knowing what will happen next in Ukraine.