Vice President Biden To Speak To Friendly Sons In Pittston

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PITTSTON — Vice president Joe Biden will be the featured speaker at the Greater Pittston Area Friendly Sons of St. Patrick banquet.

On Friday, officials with the Friendly Sons announced the visit scheduled for Monday, March 17 at the Woodlands Resort in Luzerne County.

The organization is comprised of men of Irish heritage from the northeast Pennsylvania area. Past speakers include Senator Robert P. Casey Jr., Former President Harry Truman, Former Senator Hubert Humphrey, Tim Russert, and Paul Begala. At the 50th anniversary, area Congressman Dan Flood spoke with Robert F. Kennedy, according to a release from the Friendly Sons.

The event marks the 100th anniversary of the group.

No other details of the vice president’s visit were disclosed.



    Let’s hope a 1000 unemployed coal miners show up and ask for advice on what to do since their unemployment ran out. And they are not minorities that qualify for Welfare and Food Stamps and Obama Care and Obama Phones.

    Or someone shows up with a sign that reads. “QUIT BEING STUPID JOE”. That would be neat.

    And it would be great if someone asked him the question, “will you support the Impeachment of OBAMA”? That would be good answer to hear come out of his mouth.

  • Stan

    The only thing he could say to interest me would be if he was announcing his and the president’s resignation.

  • Charly Lucky

    Dan Flood, are you kidding me????
    Flood was investigated by at least eight separate U.S. Attorney’s offices and had 175 possible cases pending against him.[2] Flood’s former aide, Stephen Elko, testified that Flood was a ‘muscler’ who used his influence to direct federal contracts to people and corporations in exchange for cash kickbacks.[2]

    The ‘Flood-Medico-Bufalino Triangle’ was one such instance. Medico Industries of Plains Township, Pennsylvania received, with Flood’s help, a $3,900,000 Department of Defense contract to produce 600,000 warheads for use in the Vietnam War. Mafia crime boss Russell Bufalino, who frequented Medico offices, was an associate of general manager William ‘Billy’ Medico and president Philip Medico, who was a caporegime in the Bufalino family. The FBI discovered that Flood would often travel in the Medico Industries jet.[2]

    During the 96th United States Congress, Flood was censured for bribery.[3] The allegations led to his resignation on January 31, 1980.[4] He died in Wilkes-Barre in 1994

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