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General Dynamics Announce More Layoffs

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SCRANTON -- Scranton can't catch a break when it comes to bad news about businesses in the city.

Newswatch 16 learned the military contractor General Dynamics plans to layoff 65 workers at its plant along Cedar Avenue in Scranton.

The place has about 230 employees and makes ammunition for the military.

This comes after a round of layoffs around seven months ago when the company let go 60 workers.


  • e

    “Scranton can’t catch a break” this article states. Yes that is called poetic justice. Karma is giving the people of this area what they deserve. There is no better feeling than watching some abusive person get exactly what they have dealt to others. Too late now, but maybe the people of Scranton should have behaved differently. Oh well, not my problem and never will be again.

  • Alex Berkman

    Since Afghanistan and Iraq are taking over control of their own countries and the war is winding down, can this be called due to “outsourcing” and the workers given Trade Adjustment Act benefits? Also, maybe it would make more sense to re-tool and produce components for electric car parts, solar panels, or wind turbines…or Energy Star appliances…or anything besides weapons we don’t need.

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