Driver In Deadly I-80 Wreck Cited

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP — A truck driver from New Jersey has been cited for a deadly charter bus crash in Union County.

A Greyhound bus heading from New York City to Cleveland crashed into the back of the rig on Interstate 80 in October of 2013.

One woman was killed and dozens were hurt.

Authorities say the driver of the tractor-trailer, Akos Gubica of New Jersey, has been cited with careless driving and reckless driving.

Some of violations include operating vehicle in careless disregard, unintentionally causing death, operated vehicle in willful and wanton disregard for safety of persons or property, failure to use hazard lamps when unable to maintain 25 mph or normal flow of traffic, operating at a speed so slow as to impede the normal flow of traffic, operating vehicle with hazardous brake system.

Investigators said his truck had numerous mechanical problems. He also failed to submit to alcohol or drug testing after being involved in fatal crash.


  • LSK

    Driver refused drug & alcohol tests. DOT regulations state these tests must be submitted to by driver when there is a fatality. If driver refuses/fails to submit, it has same consequence as failing either or both tests. It does raise questions.

    • Mike Yates

      The driver of the truck probably didn’t speak English as a first language. Police do not, ever, advise a subject about the repurcussions of refusing a breathalyser or blood tests. Therefore there is a lack of communication under normal circumstances, let alone the possibility of English not being the first language of the truck driver.

  • Dana

    Everyones saying this that and the third dont you think the bus driver has enough punishment living with the fact that she killed someone we all know he should have had his hazards on but he didnt… oh and by the way i think the cops went through the investigation with fine tooth and nail so there had to be a reason he was charged someones not saying why though

  • bill price

    Im sure the bus was going to fast I travel that highway every night and them buses go by me like im standing still,didnt you know its always the truck drivers fault,just ask any lawyer.

  • Benita

    If I remember the story correctly the bus driver was a woman and she was the fatality. Can’t charge the deceased.

    • Scott Williams

      If you visit the original story you would read the following; “Officials said 50 people were on board. The driver and others were badly hurt, and a woman thrown from the bus was killed.” The driver wasn’t killed, the driver was injured.

  • Robert J. Trinkle

    If this happend on I 80 as many times I’ve been on it it has a paved shoulder to me it looks like the truck was as far over as he could go agree sometimes it’s hard to pick up a vehicle going slow what time did this happen first of all and what was the bus doing on the shoulder. As far as there faulty brakes they go over every thing he could have had 1 or 2 brakes out of adjustment by as much as a 1/8th inch and they can take you out of service.

  • mike

    the reason the trucker got the hammer is because he is a foreigner and would not submit to drug and aolchol the trucker didn’t hit the bus bus driver should of seen how slow the truck was moving with or without 4 ways on

    • Cathy

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. He looks like he was parked. If he was going slow on the shoulder, then why was the bus following him on the shoulder and, if he was driving so slow, why was the bus so close to him? Looks like the bus didn’t slow down as a precaution. Maybe not enough distance between bus and truck. Isn’t that the law? Isn’t it so many feet or seconds between vehicles?

  • Maureen Murphy DiGiovanni

    Even if the trucker didn’t have his hazards on, shouldn’t a bus driver slow down with a bus load of people when he sees a vehicle slowing? Maybe because he was driving to close and couldn’t stop?? Flashers or not a little common sense and some driving skills goes a long way.

    • Patty O'Funriture

      that can be as simple as a brake air chamber being bypassed. one on each wheel, it would have 6, even if 3 are bypassed it would stop that rig no problem, plus any air brakes on the trailer. DOT should have pulled that truck regardless. Many gypsy truckers run trucks in poor condition, its a shame and gives truckers a bad name. The bus was traveling too fast, like they usually are…..but no excuses, the rig should have been better maintained. Reckless will be hard to prove…careless is easier.

  • Mike Yates

    There is nothing to learn from what is reported here. Following distance was surely an issue here but never mentioned.

    “Some of the Violations” are speculations. Was the hazard lamp switch turned on? How do they know the truck was travelling at at such a low speed that was unsafe for traffic? Sounds like a witch hunt to me.

  • Daniel Reed

    I understand if a trucker is going under the posted limit they must use their hazard lights but, what happened to having your vehicle(the bus driver) under control as well ! It’s not hard to realize someone in front of you going slow if you yourself are paying the proper attention ! Seems to me BOTH drivers should be charged for negligence, not just the truck driver ! J.m.O. !

  • Duane

    Under 45 MPH on the interstate you must have your hazard lights blinking! All professional drivers know this or should know it!

  • Lindie

    Wow, I am thinking the same thing. From the photo shown, it sure looks like the bus rear ended the truck. Doesn’t look like the trucker clipped the bus either.

  • Joseph John DiAscro III

    The rule is, if you are going slower than the posted speed limit, your hazard (four ways) MUST be active. He was going to slow and did not have his hazard flashers active.

  • John Walter

    I am no rocket scientist but i do know that last time i checked if u rear end somebody your are at fault, so can someone please clarify why the truck operator is being charged in this wreck instead of the bus driver who had control of the bus?????

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