Driver Charged for Allegedly Hitting Pedestrian

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SCRANTON -- A man faces an assault charge after a crash that hurt a pedestrian in Scranton on Monday.

Authorities said Santos Loja admitted he reached down to grab his phone just before he hit a woman on Cedar Avenue.

Authorities in Scranton said the victim has multiple broken bones.

They also said Loja, who is originally from Ecuador, doesn't have a driver's license.


  • Me

    This is the only type of person willing to move to this area, meaning an illegal immigrant. It’s time that the white people of this area stop complaining and take responsibility for the environment they created, an environment that allows people like this to thrive.

  • Mart

    Why is the media (YOU) not talking about this man’s legal status in the U.S.A. The federal Gov’t should give this woman millions. It is their fault that she was hit. 100%! People are prosecuted for parking tickets. Illegal’s who hurt real Americans are not deported. You are supposed to be a news station. You are more like Fox, on this issue. POLITICALLY INCORRECT.

  • Dan Silvers

    So Sad. My wife and I were rear ended at a red light a few months back by a young man from the Dominican Republic. No driver’s license, no insurance. So how is this woman to be made whole? Wonder how many thousand we have in our area driving this way. They put everyone at risk with virtually no recourse of being compensated. Maybe if YOU carry Full Tort insurance there is a chance.

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