Violations Handed to Oil Company Responsible for Spill

LAKE ARIEL -- State environmental officials have announced they have sent a notice of violation to an oil company in Wayne County for a heating oil spill into Lake Ariel.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, one of Howe Oil Company's tanks was overfilled last Friday and fuel oil got into the lake.

The notice also mentions several issues with the company's storage tanks.

State officials are giving Howe Oil until mid-April to correct the violations.

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  • jhosk

    That appears to myself to be a reasonable period of time for the transgresser to correct the violatons. It is more than a month’s time. I wonder about the man who delivered the product as well as the company in whose employ he was. I reckon the driver’s name was Aaron Henneforth. The company’s name escapes myself. Were not the tanks overfilled on Friday of last week? Why are those entities not accused of wrongdoing or malfeasance or incompetence or whatever the proper term is, along with Howe Oil Company? Do you follow myself?

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