Tractor Trailer Crashes In Neighborhood in Luzerne County

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A tractor trailer carrying an SUV and a car crashed through a guiderail and right into a neighborhood in Luzerne County. The wreck happened this morning on Interstate 81.

This is the first thing Sylvester Panatieri saw in the morning when he left his house along sunset drive in Plains Township.

A tractor-trailer, an SUV, and a car lodged into trees at the bottom of his street.

"Usually you see a car flipping over or banging, but nothing like that. That`s something on the scary side," said Sylvester Panatieri.

No more scary for Pantieri and his neighbors than it was for the two men inside the tractor-trailer.

Officials say the trailer carrying the SUV and car drove off northbound Interstate 81 between Wilkes-Barre and Pittston went through the guide rail and traveled several hundred feet along the embankment before crashing into these trees. The two men inside the tractor-trailer were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay.

"The roof was setting down, coming down on him, and he was just pinned in there. He was able to work his legs free and just come out by himself," said Capt. Charles Krommes.

"It was pretty violent, the crash. Both the truck and trailer are destroyed from the crash," said Paul Falzone, owner of Falzone's Towing.

"We've been used to some accidents, not like this though. This was unbelievable," said Bob Panatieri.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.