Talkback Feedback: Kids & Teachers

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A couple of calls about kids top tonight's selections on Talkback Feedback and the calls weren't exactly warm and fuzzy.

That's why we remind you about how good kids can be in this Week's Talkback Feedback.


  • Walter form Gouldsboro

    I believe it was Tuesday. A lady called in berating the teachers who are prepared to go on strike. In doing so she noted with how few days they work and implied of their over compensation and finished with, “I wish I could find a job that paid so well for so little work.”
    To her I say, stop depriving our community of you talents. Get off the couch, spend 5 years and $100,000. for your education. Meet those 150 different faces each morning for one of these “gravy” jobs. so your can bestow your wisdom and compassion upon them. Greet the criticism of parents, administrators and children with new foresight and don’t be so selfish because YOU can save us.

  • george

    do you guys Know NCAA Championships In wrestling is going on In Oklahoma. Or is basketball far more important.. It always seem to be the least covered sport.. I would like to see a basketball player go a full 6 minutes on the mat.

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