Thousands Of First Responders To Attend Leukemia Patient’s 7th Birthday

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Early Thursday morning, dozens of fire fighters and police officers from Pike County will travel more than 200 miles for a birthday party.

Tyler Seddon, 6, of Rhode Island is battling leukemia and tomorrow thousands of first responders from across the country with be with him when he turns seven.

The struggle of 6-year old Tyler Seddon of Rhode Island has struck a chord in the hearts of his heroes.

Tyler is battling leukemia and will be turning 7-years old this Thursday March 6th.

As a birthday wish, his family asked that Tyler`s idols; police officers, fire fighters and members of military, send him birthday cards.

That grabbed the attention of the members of the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department here in Matamoras and apparently hundreds of other police and fire departments nationwide.

“His mother just requesting that he wanted cards and it just ballooned into everybody sending shirts, turn out gear, he`s been sworn in probably 25 police departments, he has badges, uniforms made up,” said Corporal Matthew McCormick.

Just last week, 11 different first response agencies in Lackawanna County gathered these items to send to Rhode Island for Tyler's birthday.

Here in Pike County, several police and fire departments are actually planning to hand deliver their gifts to Tyler.

They are heading out Thursday morning to be there to celebrate Tyler's 7th birthday with him in his hometown.

“There`s quite a few companies from what I understand,” said Chief Greg Fean with Matamoras Fire and Rescue. “We have some gifts for the family from the fire department, we have made him an honorary member of the department, as a lot of other departments have as well so it`s going to be very exciting for the boy.”

Once in Rhode Island, the first responders from Pike County will join the thousands of other first responders from several states and they promise it will be the best blow out birthday bash a boy could have.

“A caravan of god knows how many law enforcement and fire personnel, led by bagpipers into his town, he`s getting picked up in the morning by his police department, they`re swearing him in as police officer, putting him in uniform, he`s going throw roll-call, he`s getting a tour of the town,” said McCormick. “And then he`s meeting up with us and we`re going to a birthday party at some big farm and where we`re going to sing happy birthday and cake and ice cream and all that.”


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