Teen Re-Sentenced For Deadly Crash

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SCRANTON -- A man was sentenced to two crimes Wednesday in Lackawanna County.

One of them was a crash that killed a 2-year-old child.

David Ranakoski was already done serving his time for the crash that killed the child back in 2011, but the Lackawanna County judge decided to re-sentence him on that same homicide by motor vehicle charge.

In March of 2012, David Ranakoski was sentenced for that deadly crash that killed 22-month-old Cole Hazleton.

Ranakoski received a one to two year sentence and was later released early on parole. That sentence angered baby Cole's family at the time. Now, Ranakoski is headed to state prison for that crash all because of something he did while out on parole in 2013.

It's been about two and half years since state police made the arrest of Ranakoski. The case has been closed on a crash that many people in Lackawanna County won't soon forget.

The crash near Clarks Summit killed 22-month-old Cole Hazleton of Scranton when his parents had stopped alongside the road in Ransom Township.

Ranakoski admitted to being under the influence of marijuana when he hit their SUV killing Cole who was trapped inside.

A judge brought the details of that crash up again when Ranakoski was back in court on Wednesday. He was being sentenced on a 2013 incident when he nearly hit a railroad officer with his ATV in west Scranton.

The same judge that handed down Ranakoski's sentence in 2012 sentenced Ranakoski to one to two years in prison for the ATV incident. He was then re-sentenced for the deadly crash adding another one to two years to his state prison time.

"We would have hoped that with the sentence that Judge Geroulo imposed, he would have learned his lesson, but obviously he did not learn his lesson," said Lackawanna County A.D.A Bob Klein.

Klein says Ranakoski didn't take advantage of the sentence he got the first time around and showed disrespect for the law and his victim when he violated parole in 2013.

"You wouldn't expect it in a case like this, when you take a young child's life, you think that they would stay away from any bad conduct with a vehicle."

After the sentencing, Ranakoski was taken back to the Lackawanna County Prison. Eventually he will be sent to state prison to serve out the rest of his two to four year term.


    • Tom R

      Considering March 5th was “Ash Wednesday,” I would say that the cross on his forehead was ashes. Try picking up a bible and reading it, maybe you will learn something, instead of spouting off on a public forum and looking like a fool.

  • Alex

    He’s gone get it in state prison idk how all you people think it’s not wrong that he killed a innocent baby only cause he’s white they let him slide but let him be a Latino or black the whole world goes crazy

  • deezenuts

    Also he didnt do state time hes was down county for about 11 months I dont see why hes going up state now .

  • deezenuts

    Daves a good kid you all dont know what your talking about, he messed up but he did his time .. good luck man

  • lost caregiver

    Does anyone else think that this is about well you know,HIM ALMOST RUNNING A PERSON OVER? come on.

  • Have you forgotten the parents

    I agree that he deserves more time, and truly feel for the family. But in case you forgot, those parents were also negligent in this situation and never were punished. They left the toddler in the car while they got out to have a drink quite a distance away from the car.

      • Negligent parents

        He’s right lost caregiver. The parents were parked in the middle of the road (because there is no where to pull over on that road) right after a blind corner. It’s also widely known that kids like to drive really fast around that part of the road to try and get a little bit of air off one of the bumps.In my honest opinion both parties are at fault here. Dave should’ve never been driving that fast and under the influence. The parents also shouldn’t have left their child in the car unattended while they went to go have a drink by the creek. Both parties are at fault here and i don’t believe it’s fair to just blame dave. The parents deserve some blame here too.

      • lost caregiver

        it never aaid they left the baby unattended. Can I ask a serious question here? If they perhaps leave the baby in the car to “get a drink” whose house did they get that from? The first 2 responders were of those who lived up there you idiots.and not to mention good ol times tribune is such a shitty excuse . They are not even considered “real” journalist lol id love to see what you people would think if you were ACTUALLY there.not to mention I dont feel david is a “baby killer”. The blame game is completely over with.the kid made some bad decisions. Noone set out to for that to happen. Not for the atv incident, he new he wasnt doing right or why else would he flee?

      • lost caregiver

        And can I also ask were any of you there? I mean if the truth came out and slapped u in the face you’d all be surprised. Just because you reas some senseless bull doesn’t mean its true. That whole “stopping to get a drink, leaving baby in the car” is a good one. The news nor the paper stated any of that lol good try though.

    • samantha

      Ok ONE for the person who claims that the parents left their child unattended did you NOT read the previous articles. If they in fact left him unattended in the car then why would this baby’s father need to PULL the mother OUT of the car if she wasn’t in there. Seriously get your facts straight because obviously you don’t know a freaking thing about it with your nonsense babbling self. They weren’t drinking and they NEVER left him unattended. Since when is it wrong to stop and show your child ducks swimming down the creek? So before you go an try and assume the parents are at fault, go get your facts straight and THEN you can talk. But by the time you even come back on here to still try and say they left him unattended and were drinking, you’ll quickly learn you’re an uneducated mule…thanks now go try and justify your comment some more when you clearly are completely dumb upon the situation. Keep your opinion to yourself if you’re going to babble about what you THINK happened.

  • me

    Double jeopardy!!!!! Are you kidding me. He killed a baby!!!!! Maybe you should testify for the girl who ia 18 and moved out of her parents house and is suing for tuition moron!!!!!

  • Fay Reid

    He got off light if ya ask me! He has no idea the hell That Coles parents & family live everyday! He hadn’t learned anything but he will!!!

  • Gem

    This pathetic scum disgusts me. He should have never received such a light sentence to begin with. Good for him!!!

  • alf

    are you kidding me double jeporady? and he almost hit some one so he didnt hit any one but almost hit them and that makes him eligible for double sentencing and more state time.. wow..

    • Chris Wagner

      No it is not double jeopardy, he got sentenced for killing the toddler, he spent time in jail and got out early, then he violated his parole by the atv thing, that gives the judge all discretion on giving him more time on his early release charge so they violated his parole and gave him an additional 1-2 years FOR the VIOLATION of parole, then they gave him 1-2 for the atv charge so it means he got 1-2 for violating his parole and 1-2 for the atv charge so its 2-4 total.

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