Students Hurt In School Bus Crash on Route 220

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MONROE TOWNSHIP — Multiple students were hurt in a school bus crash Wednesday morning in Bradford County, according to officials.

It happened around 7 a.m. Wednesday on Route 220 south of Towanda in Bradford County.

Towanda Area School District officials said a bus was hit by two vehicles while stopped at at bus stop.

State police said there were 14 students on the bus.

The school said three students were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, they have now been released.

The district said they have filed a formal request to PennDOT to investigate the traffic activity of where the accident happened. The administration also says the conductor of the bus had also mentioned a request to look into that route, although it is unclear what they are looking for.

PennDOT officials said they would have a better idea of the incident and that area on Rt. 220 on Thursday.

For now, students on that bus route will be picked up by a school van.

brad bus map


  • Tashia

    A truck slammed into another truck. My brother was going by at the time of the crash and saw it… My niece was one of the kids on the bus, thankfully nor hurt… But the windshield of the first truck was into the bus… It was cold enough for black ice, but for such an impact to happen, the other driver was going way to fast and not paying attention… I hope both drivers are fine and the rest of the kids are ok

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