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Officials: Dangerous Building Coming Down

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MCADOO -- Officials in McAdoo say a building which has become more dangerous because of the weather will soon be demolished.

Workers with the help of a McAdoo Fire Department rig began to tear down Gene's Grey Goose Bar and Restaurant on the borough's main drag. First order: take down two chimneys.

Mike Bowman, McAdoo's building inspector, said it poses a threat to nearby homes.

"The contractor that got the bid asked for our help with the McAdoo Fire Department to remove the chimney due to being unsafe and when they bring the building down, they're afraid that the chimney will fall onto the neighbor's property and they don't want that to happen."

One of the nearby homes was threatened twice, from the possibility of the chimney falling, to the night of a fire three months ago.

The blaze came dangerously close to Bernardine Watkin's house.

"One of the firemen said because of the flames the way they were coming over this way, and the way that they were spraying it that the brick was a Godsend that we had otherwise we would have some damage," Watkins said.

Police say Scott Branz told officers he set fire to the bar after breaking in.

The flames wrecked the business.

McAdoo's Fire Chief Bob Leshko adds the winter weather has taken its toll making the structure even more dangerous.

"There are all kinds of open holes in the floor. It's just dangerous on that second floor and now sitting in here with it being open and the snow and the freezing and the weight load that's been put in there, I am just glad it's coming down," Leshko explained.

The chief decided to allow the fire truck to be used in the demolition when the contractor agreed to do some work for fire department.

McAdoo officials predict that either later this week or early next week heavy machinery will be brought in to completely take down the building.