Lenten Food Popular In McAdoo

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MCADOO -- For members of the Byzantine Catholic Church, ashes are not a part of their ritual, but cooking up good Lenten food is a tradition that is shared by many Catholics.

Visiting the kitchen at St. Michael's Byzantine Catholic Church in McAdoo would make anyone hungry. There are all kinds of Lenten food, including pierogis, halushki, and a table loaded with baked goods.

Gabe Waak sums it all up.

"Let me make myself perfectly clear. This is heavenly soul food right here."

There was a steady flow of people.

Diane Eisenman is not a member of the church but she knows where to come to get some tasty treats.

"It's not all for us. It's for other people I'm getting it for, my sister-in-law, my daughter," Eisenman said. "The main reason (is it saves me from cooking) and it's good, too."

Ed Bogash volunteers his time because his family has strong ties to the church and the community.  Bob's mother and father were married at St. Michael's.

"I was born in a house, in this town here, in McAdoo right up the street from the church," Bogash said.

All the money raised here goes to St. Michael's.  The food and is an easy way to follow the Byzantine faith and Lent.

"Strict fast, no dairy products, nothing. Ours started on Monday and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday we don't eat meat," said Lillian Osifat of Treskcow.

The folks at St. Michael's Byzantine Catholic Church say they have another Lenten food event coming up March 28.