Donations For Vets Stolen In Luzerne County

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP---Hanover Township police are searching for the man who swiped a donations jar from a convenience store early Sunday morning.

Surveillance video showed a man walking into the EZ Express off the San Souci and then stealing a jar of donations from the counter.

It was locked to the counter, but the thief managed to pull it off.

That jar held no more than 20 dollars worth of donations meant for local veterans, many of them disabled.

"I'm going to guess he's been in here before checking things out because he knew exactly what he was going for but again, it's for our troops! Our disabled vets, you know, I mean, ask for money, I'll give it to you but don't take it out of our disabled vets," said Cliff Pomicter, of EZ Express.

The people at EZ Express said they are outraged and customers, some of them veterans, are upset, too.

"My son, he's a veteran, so this is really close to my heart that whoever did this, it's a shame, that's all I can say," said Annie Bryant of Hanover Township.

"That's ridiculous. I mean, why would you do that? For men who go and fight for our country, I can't understand that," said Glenn Thomas, a wounded veteran who lives in Hanover Township.

"For him to do something like that, it's a dirty, low down rotten scoundrel and we're going to get you and that's that!" said Keith Bryant of Hanover Township.


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