Closing Up Shop After Nearly Four Decades

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BLOOMSBURG -- Finn's News Agency has been on Main Street in Bloomsburg for 38 years.

But now the front of the store displays a long letter from the owners. Finn's will close at the end of the month, for one simple reason:

"Because I'm 74 years old and it's time to move on. It's time to say thank you to everybody and I want to go out being able to say thank you instead of having them come to my funeral," said owner Joe Finn.

Joe and Mary Finn opened the store in 1976. They rarely had a day off and rarely took vacations.

"It's been a part of our life for 38 years. We've worked it for 38 years, we've worked it all the time," said Mary Finn.

After all the years of serving customers they do think it's time to go, but that doesn't make it easy.

"You're seeing people live and seeing people die and seeing people grow up and seeing people go from middle school to adults now," recalled Joe.

In their letter, the Finns thanked their customers for their patronage over the years. And in 38 years, the news business has changed a lot, but what hasn't changed is customer loyalty.

"We've actually had a couple of people cry when they found out we were closing," said Mary.

Longtime customer Brenda Lupini says it will be tough when she can't say, "See you later!" Soon, she'll miss this place and its owners.

"You couldn't ask to be around nicer people, everyone is just so kind and so helpful. It's just part of Bloomsburg," said Brenda.

The Finns are starting to realize just how much Bloomsburg will miss this fixture on Main Street.

"We've made so many friends and it's hard, it's hard to say goodbye," Mary said.

"Thank you," Joe said. "All I have to say is, 'Thank you.'"

Finn's News Agency will close on March 31st.

The owners say they don't have specific plans for their retirement, just to relax and see more of their grandchildren.