Another Firm Leaving Scranton

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SCRANTON — Another business is pulling out of downtown Scranton and moving elsewhere in Lackawanna County.

Officials at VaxServe on Lackawanna Avenue tell us the office is moving to the Glenmaura Corporate Center in Moosic.

About 70 people work there. All are expected to relocate this summer.

The company which makes vaccines says the move will save money and offer the opportunity to expand.

The announcement comes a week after EDM, formerly Diversified Information Technologies, said it was leaving the old Globe Store and moving to Montage Mountain in Lackawanna County.


  • cb

    …and straight to Bob Mericle’s building in Glenmaura. Nice to see businesses still support that scum of a person.

  • anonymous

    Of course any business that can afford to leave Scranton will do so as rapidly as possible. Pick your reason, incompetent leaders, tax increases, addicts and alcoholics. Businesses, just like people, are here because they cannot afford to relocate to a decent area, or commonly won’t fit in anywhere but this region. I unfortunately had to live in Scranton for many years and most of my focus at that time was gathering resources to move to a decent community. It would seem these businesses have the same idea.

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