What the Heck, Leck?: The Drama with Tax Deductions

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It's a time of the year many dread and it might have you saying 'What the Heck, Leck?'

Ryan is dishing about the dough you pay to Uncle Sam every year, your income taxes!

Some loathe the process but love the refund check. Even though most of wish it came a lot faster and when it comes to the whole tax topic, it seemed one of the big gripes that got a lot of you going. The drama over figuring out your deductions that might have you saying, 'yeah, like what the heck?'

It`s the most taxing time of the year.

It's like a a scene out of the movie 'Stranger than Fiction' which might echo how a lot of us would feel if we feel if the IRS ever showed up at our door as for the process income tax process itself.

"I hate all of the paper work, it just takes forever."

"Yeah, it`s a pain," says Rachel Caruso of Hanover Township.

"The time frame, getting my refund back," says Stacey Berkoski of Dupont.

The rant over waiting for the refund check is just one of your beefs. Some think there is just too much to deal with when it comes to figuring out those deductions, like what you can and can`t claim.

"I think you should be able to deduct pet`s supplies and different things like because most people think pets are family."

And some people think the entire income tax process should be made a lot simpler.

"I would like a flat tax that would be a lot easier on me," says Josh Stophy of Pottsville.

"Yeah but the problem is you got all sorts of deductions that everybody wants and wants to keep so it`s hard to just go with the flat tax for everybody," says Dave Cawley of Scranton.

Alright, some of that other tax time drama surround figuring out those deductions and what you can and can`t claim. Here are just a few biggies tax pros say people often forget about.

Caring for a parent: If you`re the primary care taker of your mother and father or you pay someone to take care of your parent, you could be eligible for deductions if you meet the IRS's requirements.

If you`ve been through a natural disaster such as a tornado or had items stolen from you, you may be able to deduct those, but check with an expert.

And finally, another item sometimes overlooked, energy efficient improvements you`ve done to your home, like new doors, new windows or a new energy efficient furnance. But the income tax pros say make sure you have the proper documentation to make sure your purchases meet the government`s deduction criteria.

So if you didn`t do your taxes already, you have a total of 42 days remaining until that April 15th deadline. You don`t wait too late because you don`t want the IRS knocking on your door leaving you saying, 'come on, what the heck?'